Dare NOT to compare yourself to others


In February, I discovered a fantastic author. I’ve read two of her nonfiction books and recommend them highly for anyone struggling to find their calling or purpose in life.

First of all, I read You’re already Amazing by Holley Gerth after my pastor’s wife read only a few paragraphs from the book aloud. It sounded like this woman was speaking with me directly. Her voice was honest and authentic.

After finishing that book, and it’s a process that takes several weeks because you don’t read – you journal and soul-search, I opened one that seemed even more appropriate. This one was called You’re made for a God-Sized Dream. Yep, perfect for someone who quit their day job to pursue the old goal of becoming a published writer.

I wasn’t disappointed in either book.

Since that time, I’ve followed Holley’s blog. Every Wednesday, she writes a post of Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150encouragement. On her site, she encourages her readers to link up their own encouraging posts. It’s an excellent idea that she call’s “Coffee for your Heart.”

Today’s post spoke to the heart of an issue I know many of us struggle with: comparison. We look around us and see people who look better, drive a nicer car, make more money, have designer clothes or seem to have their act together while we’re struggling to keep our head above water. Read the encouragement here.

What do you think? Do you struggle with comparing yourself to other people? If you do, have you noticed that it never helps you attain what they have? Instead, it demoralizes you and makes you want to throw your hands up and quit.

Let’s brainstorm ways we can change this destructive tendency to compare. In fact, I DARE you not to compare yourself to anyone for the rest of this week. Can you do it?

7 thoughts on “Dare NOT to compare yourself to others”

  1. Man, Sharon, I’m going to try but that’s a tough one. Doesn’t help that every time I read another person’s blog post the Comparison train leaves the station. But I know that’s a one-way ticket to Depressionville, so I promise to do my best!

    1. Kelly-
      Our society teaches us to use everyone and anything as a measuring stick. Why can’t that help us improve instead of making us feel lousy? I don’t know, but it takes concerted effort to see someone else succeed where you struggle and be genuinely delighted for them without bashing yourself.
      You can do it. We’ll do it together.
      BTW, your blog posts are funny and insightful. No reason to be depressed about them.

  2. I think it helps to remember that there is ALWAYS going to be someone better than you (or better quality, more wealthy, more family, better this/that, etc.). Even my favorite current soprano, Julia Lezhneva – SHE has people better than HER! And why should I compare myself to her? It just causes me pain. I can recognize that I am good for my OWN reasons. I have the choice not to feel pain and I’m going to take it!

  3. I dont really want what others have i like me. What gets me is when i lack, or feel like God missed me in the blessings line. But usually its the enemy and failure to appreciate what i have. Abuse can do this, you think why me? God you must not love me like them if you choose them overcme. But then the hard truth is He gives what He wants to give. Maybe i lack the character for a gift or He knows someone else can handle what i cannot. It can hurt but God says wounds from a friend can be trusted. Im ‘trying’ to not ask God for more than what Hes willing to give me, or to be someone He never called me to be in the first place. When im in my lane i have no time to look at yours. I have to trust Gods wisdom

    1. I have learned that God can handle our doubts and questions. As long as we don’t let those things alienate us from Him. I believe He wants to give us more blessings, but often we are afraid to ask or see past the immediate situation.
      Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment. I hope you checked out Holley Gerth’s original post. Her blog is worth following because it always offers encouragement.

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