The Year in Pictures and Poems

Another year has come and gone. The river of time flows faster as I get older more mature.


We traveled to Key West.


Our annual trip to Eagle Crest.


I commit
To finishing this book
To prove it
I purchased a cover package
Because spending money
Will keep me motivated

This is what I bought. You can buy a copy on March 7, 2023 in May 2023.

We camped for a week at Beverly Beach State Park with my BFF and her man. Crabbing off the dock is a first for me.


Someone turns three. How did this happen? I can’t have been a Lolly for three years.

Girls’ Weekend in Carson, Washington


Married to the same man
For three decades
Celebrating our union
The same day since 1988
But there won’t be a special trip
Because someone thought
It would be a good idea
To tie the knot
On a holiday weekend


Someone traveled to Texas and brought home COVID-19
That didn’t make for a very happy birthday for him
Or me
But we recovered in time for the annual church camping trip


Independence Day with the fam at Champoeg Park


Traveling across the country with my sister.
Remember those mansions I saw?

I took a break from social media this month and it was wonderful. I think I’ll do the same thing every year.


Write Your Book in 90 Days


My youngest granddaughters celebrate their first birthdays. Incredible!

They’re so beautiful.


I finished writing the novel in less than 90 days.

Had a Work-cation in Seaside

Five days in Arizona visiting my sister.

My oldest daughter’s first turkey as she hosted the family Thanksgiving dinner in her home.


Another calendar turned on my age.

Seemed ancient
When I was ten
Only uncool people
Lived half-a-century
Thought my teenage self
My twenty-fifth birthday
Party didn’t make me think
That I was halfway to
But when I turned forty?
Even sixty didn’t look that old
As long as I could go
And do what I wanted to
Age was only a number
This year it’s six more than

Here’s to another year of life. Time to jump on the train for a new year.

What is your favorite memory from 2022?

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