Happy Thanksgiving

Today this author is with her family. She’s enjoying some fresh-roasted turkey with a large helping of her sister’s homemade cornbread dressing. It’s delicious. And time with family along with dressing and gravy make this MY favorite holiday of the year. Even better, this is my beautiful granddaughter’s first Thanksgiving and she’s spending it with …

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Giving Thanks for What I Love about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think I say that on this blog every year. But it’s true. And time has not changed this fact. Why do I love thanksgiving so much? Let me see if I can show you with a few pictures.   The best part of Thanksgiving is gathering with my family. …

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Commercialism: Christmas and Beyond

Two weeks before Halloween, I walk into the local WalMart to purchase some mums. Through the sliding doors and into a time warp. Five artificial trees decked in lights sparkled to my left. Ahead, rows of wrapping paper, greeting cards and ornaments announced the Christmas season. Uh, what was I looking for again? Suddenly, I’m overtaken by …

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