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Your Story Matters

You love stories. Storytelling comes naturally...or maybe not, but it gives you joy in deep places.

But crafting a story that keeps readers (or agents) turning pages isn't all fun and games. Making believable characters with relatable problems that are unique and interesting can be a huge challenge.

Why is writing a story that sells so difficult?

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How can a writer choose the best craft manual?

The digital age we live in give instant access to a world of information. Sometimes too much information. In fact, it can be difficult to figure out how to create lovable characters in a story that's well-plotted.

Who has time to read another craft book? Or take another online course about character arc? What you need is time to write...and someone to talk to about your story specifics.

But if you're wondering, here are my favorite resources


This book walks a writer through the three-act structure, emphasizing tension for every scene. Includes a comprehensive plan for writing and revising a novel.

Susan May Warren's Character Building Chart

There's nothing like learning directly from Warren at a retreat or conference, but her book, The Story Equation, outlines the process fairly well.

A library of tools featuring the description thesaurus collection from Ackerman and Puglisi. You'll also find a character builder, story maps, scene maps and timelines, worldbuilding surveys and a story idea generator.

Katie Weiland has published several books and workbooks on story structure and outlining. I found her when I was learning about character arcs. She has a FREE resource on that topic.

She's known as the Social Media Jedi, but her blog posts inform about everything from getting published to fighting imposter syndrome. Better yet, she's funny. She also runs Bad Lamb Academy with affordable classes for writers.

Is it self-promotion to recommend my own channel? You can find plenty of Live classes in the FREE coaching group, too.

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Your story coach is a click away

Book a free discovery session

Writing a story is hard. You've done the work. But you need help to get to the next level. Realizing you need something is the first step. Now you can ask for the help you need from someone who has been exactly where you are now: struggling to finish the story so it's ready for readers.

The discovery session is a chance for you to share your struggles.
Sharon will listen. She'll ask questions. If she can help, you'll know it by the end of the call.

Here's what client's say about Sharon's coaching

Wow! Working with Sharon over the last month has sharpened my understanding of character development, which drives the entire story. Her questions prompted me to think more deeply about my characters' wounds and how they would find healing.

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Deborah Sundblad
Aspiring author

Sharon has an eagle eye for character development and romance. I appreciate how she can see through the explosions and action in a story, and dig deep into characters’ reactions, dissecting them for stability, character arc advancement, and relatability.


Jennifer M. Eaton
USA Today bestselling author of Dragon Mount

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