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If not an Author Maybe I’ll be a Freelance Writer

If you read my last post, you probably didn’t expect to see another bit of writing from me. After all, I claimed the dream to write was dead. What’s this about being a freelance writer then? Here’s the thing, even people with dead dreams need to eat. Okay, the truth is I don’t need to …

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Mourning and Hope: Follow Up to ‘The Death of a Dream’

Mourning and Hope? I must be crazy. Those two things could not possible exist at the same time, so why have I paired them in a sentence? Friends, I’m in mourning. More on that in this post. But I’m not without hope even if my post “The Death of a Dream” sounded like it to …

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Do Mind Tricks Work?

On TV, the teacher or parent says the opposite of what they want a student or child to do, and presto! The child does that thing to be contrary but is in fact falling into the “trap.” Reverse psychology they call it. Surely everyone’s watched the shows. They wouldn’t fall for it. In recent months, …

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Are You Headed for Burnout?

Like so many other people, I was certain burnout would never happen to me. I loved writing. It was my calling and purpose to write these books, and burnout wouldn’t happen to someone who was doing God’s will. Right? Wrong. Or else writing and independently publishing that series of biblical fictionalizations wasn’t God’s will for …

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My 40-Day Challenge

Am I the only one to notice this trend of challenges? Whether it’s a 21-day no sugar challenge or a 30-day clean eating challenge or my own 30 days focusing on gratitude challenge, it seems like challenges are everywhere. I recently finished a 40-day challenge. I purposely left what type of challenge it was out …

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Third Glimpse behind the Curtain

Tomorrow is my birthday. Let’s celebrate by ME giving YOU another free peek inside my latest book. A Pondering Heart is the first in a series of biblical fiction that stretched both my faith and my writing ability. But you don’t care about that. You’ve read chapter one and chapter two, and now you’re ready …

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