Mommy Loves the Banker

Book Cover: Mommy Loves the Banker

Her first love walked away. His passed on. Could they find a new forever love in their silver years? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Meredith Williams's whole life was uprooted when her husband of twenty years decided he didn’t love her anymore. Now living in a new town and attempting to fill her daughter’s shoes as a stand-in mommy, she longs to prove her lotion-making is more than a hobby. Unfortunately, she’s going to need a small loan to make this new dream a reality.

Despite years on the job, Donavan Anders struggles to find balance in his job as a bank manager. He wants to help small businesses, but the corporate offices keep tightening their lending policies, meaning he has to say no far more than he would like. The last thing he wants to do is reject Meri’s application, especially since he’s instantly attracted to the sharp-tongued and hard-working grandmother.

When their granddaughters become the victims of a little league bully, these grandparents need to step up their game with a plan to nip the situation in the bud. Before long, the matchmaking minors begin working on a plan of their own—to help their stubborn grandparents see that they’re overdue for a happily ever after.

Can these two little girls hit this love match out of the park, or will they be tagged out before they even have a chance to swing? Find out in this fun, funny, and heartwarming tale of just how deviously two little girls will play in order to make sure their plan goes off without a hitch.


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