An Adoring Spirit

Orphan to Saint

One orphan’s dreams can change everything.

I’ve been dreaming of the perfect family for years. My older sister, Martha, has been training me to take care of my own household, and now I’m old enough to marry. But the men who offer proposals of marriage do not measure up to my fantasy. Nothing does.

Until I meet the Messiah. Then all I can think of is how I will follow Him to the end of my days. Since the first day I met Him, I’ve known: this joy and excitement must be true love.

But Yeshua of Nazareth is not looking for a wife—and I am crushed by this realization. Why can’t I marry for love? Serving G-d shouldn’t be all about following rules, and Yeshua understands that.

I have seen Yeshua’s miracles—the greatest beside my brother’s tomb. When Messiah is condemned to death, what will happen to His flock? Can my desire to marry for love be answered?


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