An Unexpected Homecoming

A First Street Church Mini Series

She's a soldier without a mission. He's a cowboy on the verge of losing the ranch.

Disillusioned paralegal Jaz Rolle gave up her dreams to live out her brother’s. Thinking she's failed him, she'd like nothing more than to get out of Sweet Grove, Texas, but her brother, softball, and JAG taught her to confront the opposition even if she feels like running away. She just hopes her pit stop won’t destroy what remains of her family.

Cowboy Bailey Travers waits at his dying foster father’s bedside, longing for a second chance to pursue his own dreams and that means leaving Sweet Grove behind. Until the adoption that never happened threatens to steal the ranch and leave unfulfilled promises in his wake.

When Jaz offers legal advice to save the ranch, the relationship that blossoms like wheat out of season dredges up Bailey’s darkest secrets. They must learn if love can corral lingering doubts, and when strangers come bearing secrets and Bailey’s father returns with his own agenda, Jaz and Bailey will need to lean on more than each other and the community of Sweet Grove.

Can their emerging faith in the One Father who never fails them bring their ultimate homecoming?

Grab the entire Texas Homecoming trilogy in a single volume so you won't miss a moment of Jaz and Bailey's romance.

What readers think:

"A beautifully written collection of stories in Sweet Grove Texas where the people know everyone, they support and help each other and their faith and love for God is so very important in their lives. These stories will make you cry from the struggles they have gone through and will go through, the losses they have each had and to smile when they find the happiness and love they each want. For each trial they go through they will learn that with patience, love and God they can work together to make things right and to find the peace that they need. Grab your copy today and let these stories help your faith in God to grow and to see that love is possible for everyone." - Tamra DeLaSalle Padgett , 5-Star Amazon Review

"What a lovely trio of books. Sharon Hughson has captured life in both it's glory and it's gloom. The situations faced by our hero and heroine throughout the three books are all too real but the way they overcome them is beautifully written. Definitely a sweet romance worth reading." - Anne Blyth, 5-Star Amazon Review


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