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Everyone needs a hero.

But have you ever considered that YOU are the hero of your own story?

It took hitting rock bottom before I finally accepted my calling. After years of loss and repeatedly falling short of my biggest dreams, I found myself flat on my face, dreams shattered. That's when He appeared over me – the Hero of Ages – saying "I've gifted you to tell stories. Will you write them?"

Okay, there wasn't a vision or booming voice. But I did have an authentic moment of reckoning.

It took losing my grandmother, who invested time and money to nurture my writing. It took a terminal diagnosis stealing away my mother, who pushed me to keep reaching higher. That's when I was face-down, forced to realize if my dreams were going to become reality, I needed to do the work.

I think that's a moment we all face eventually - when we have to choose to either pursue our purpose or let it slip away. It's the same choice my characters wrestle with in every story I write.

After my wake-up call, I felt called to share stories of overcoming adversity with grit, humor, and an open heart. I want to inspire others, just as the strong women in my family inspired me. It might take some falling on our faces, but each of us has a gift to offer this world. Mine is storytelling. I'm thrilled and humbled to finally be living out my purpose.

My wish is that my tales of triumph over struggle help you believe in your own inner hero. Because the Hero of Ages lives within all of us – we need only look up to find Him there, ready to empower our purpose. What's your calling?

I write books.

But because I love stories and writing and writers, I also offer multiple services to up and coming writers. My happy place is brainstorming stories and characters with other writers. If writing fiction or memoir is part of your God-given purpose, maybe I can help you.

If you're hear to learn about my books, I’ll let the reviews do the talking:

A Pondering Heart

“I am almost speechless after reading this book. Even though I know this is a fictionalized account of Mary, the mother of Jesus, it still really made me stop and think more about her as a mother. Most people, including myself, have put Mary on a pedestal as if she was perfect just because she was the mother of Jesus. This book made me realize that she was still an imperfect human being used by a mighty God to bring forth His promise of a Messiah.” – Lisa – 5-star review on Amazon

An Unexpected Homecoming

“Sharon Hughson is a new to me author but one I want to follow. She has taken a tough subject. child abuse and neglect, and made a love story with a believable happy ending." MHarris, 5-star review on Amazons

Mimi and the Banker

“The characters were great. They went through the gamut of emotions and were such strong characters just by being gentle & loving. I loved how much emotion & quirkiness Sharon Hughson brought into this book. “ E. Eblin, 5-star review on Amazon

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“I have loved you with an everlasting love” says the Lord God in Jeremiah 31:3

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