Sharon Hughson was born to bring stories to life. As a kid, she walked around talking to herself and pretending she was everyone from Robin Hood to Black Beauty. It’s no surprise then that she makes things up for a living. And enjoys every moment of the creation process

Sharon has genre problems. She reads anything except for horror and biography, and that’s flooded over into her writing career. Ninety percent of her published works are romance. Not the sappy kind, but stories that speak the truth of love rather than conforming to the traditional tropes. Her passion is fantasy, and she’s published in this genre, too. She’s also written biblical fiction and Bible studies, and has been working on a nonfiction book that shares her journey through the grieving process. It might be simpler to ask, “What DON’T you write, Sharon?”

From her earliest “reading” days, Sharon escaped into books. Books about horses, books about magic and books about imaginary places. As a teenager avoiding the sting of her parents’ divorce, frequent quests into Narnia saved her from a rebellious downfall. Well, mostly.

Sharon understands that truth can be found in fiction. Her relationship with Jesus Christ has shown her how love defeats darkness. Stories are a uniquely formulated magic that can transport a reader to another dimension and bring them home ready to fight battles and face villains. Because no matter how much Sharon loves losing herself in a book, real life still waits. She hopes her stories encourage readers to be the hero of their own story…the life they live.

Sharon is the mother of two adult, married sons. She’s been married for thirty years to Mr. Wonderful, and he proves his moniker by allowing her to pamper three cats when he’s not taking her on fabulous trips around America and the globe.

Sharon’s best advice: “Forget about being rescued by the perfect prince. Be the hero of your own story.”

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