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Everyone needs a hero.

But have you ever considered that YOU are the hero of your own story?

It took me YEARS to believe this. I had to suffer multiple losses and fall short of every dream I wanted before I fell flat on my face. When I looked up, He stood over me, the Hero of the Ages, and said, “I have gifted you to tell stories. Will you write them now?”

(No, not a real encounter. I didn’t see a vision or hear a voice, but I did have a very real encounter.)

It only took losing my grandmother who invested time and money in helping me learn to write. It only took a terminal diagnosis for my mother who pushed me to be the best. That’s when I was face-down and I realized only I could make my dreams come true.

That’s what every one of us faces. And that’s the same sort of reality each of my sheroes and heroes comes face-to-face with in the stories I write.

I write books.

In fact, I have more than TEN titles available for purchase on Amazon. Do you like to read books? Maybe you’d like some of mine.

I’ll let the Reviewers of my books do the talking:

A Pondering Heart

“I am almost speechless after reading this book. Even though I know this is a fictionalized account of Mary, the mother of Jesus, it still really made me stop and think more about her as a mother. Most people, including myself, have put Mary on a pedestal as if she was perfect just because she was the mother of Jesus. This book made me realize that she was still an imperfect human being used by a mighty God to bring forth His promise of a Messiah.” – Lisa – 5-star review on Amazon

Love’s Late Arrival

“I love stories that involve older love interests – divorcés, widows, widowers, wallflowers who finally find their one, etc. I also love stories that show good triumphing over the evils of the world. I love stories that inspire hope and I love stories that inspire. This is one of those stories…. to all of that.

Sharon Hughson shines a light onto some of the darker elements of the world that reside in Sweet Grove, but then shows that faith, family, and friends are the cure that we all know they are. True to life and well-written, this is a wonderful addition to the First Street Church series!” – Mary Lou Hoffman, VINE VOICE, 5-star Amazon review

Love’s Emerging Faith

“Sharon Hughson is a new to me author but one I want to follow. She has taken a tough subject. child abuse and neglect, and made a love story with a believable happy ending.” MHarris, 5-star review on Amazons

Mommy Loves the Banker

“The characters were great. They went through the gamut of emotions and were such strong characters just by being gentle & loving. I loved how much emotion & quirkiness Sharon Hughson brought into this book. “ E. Eblin, 5-star review on Amazon

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Now for the traditional biography:

Sharon Hughson journeyed to Narnia during the toughest years of childhood, and she never wanted to come back.

Cattin’ Hook thanks me to put him down already!

But the Real Aslan transformed her into a warrior-with-pen who could change the “real” world with her magical stories.

As much as she loves fantasy, most of her stories are sweet and Christian romance published by small presses. Each one features regular people with real problems who find that love and the Lord make a winning combination. She hopes you’ll discover the same can be true for you.

Sharon is the mother of two adult, married sons, and a first-time Lolly to the most perfect girl in the universe. She’s been married for thirty-plus years to Mr. Wonderful, and he proves his moniker by allowing her to pamper three cats when he’s not taking her on fabulous trips around America and the globe.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love” says the Lord God in Jeremiah 31:3

“The LORD shall fight for you” (Exodus 14:14)

I’d love to speak at your book group (in person or via electronic means) or at your women’s Bible study. Please use the form at the bottom of this page and let me know your request.

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