You Will Tell the Truth by Wonder Woman

The bad guys are holding out. Torture is messy and deplorable. In waltzes Wonder Woman to save the day.

You know what she’s going to do- whip out the golden rope and lasso the criminal. This is not “truth serum” you might be able to fight off. This thing has magical powers.

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Wouldn’t you like to borrow that thing? Just for a day or two? Who would you interview if they had to tell the truth?


Is there such a thing as an honest politician? Have you ever noticed how many politicians were lawyers in their pre-election lives?

Somewhere in there is a correlation.

You know, I don’t want to clump all politicians together. Maybe the ones who never make the news or have big election campaigns are Honest Abe clones. There’s an exception to every generalization.

And maybe this habit of saying the opposite of what you said last week is just for election years. Or in the race for president.

I’m afraid that too many of these political forerunners have convinced themselves their lies and half-truths (also a lie) are true.

After all, isn’t truth relative?

*Chokes on that question*

I’m almost afraid to hear what these men and women would say when under the power of WW’s lasso.

Of course, whatever it is, it couldn’t make me want to vote for them any less than all the blunders and misspeaks published daily by the media. Could the truth really be more horrible than their web of deceit?

Maybe I don’t want to know the answer.


I am my own employer. But it hasn’t always been this way.

And there were times when I wanted a straight answer about the future of my place in the company.

“You’re doing great. Here’s a review that says you “exceed” every expectation.”

The next day, a pink slip waits on the desk.

If I am so amazing at my job, why did I just lose it?

Hiding whether or not there will be pay raises or bonuses is also irritating. If you know the scoop, spill it. What’s the big deal? Are you afraid I might QUIT if you don’t pay me what I’m worth (because you can’t AFFORD it).

Family Members

I’m not saying I have family members who avoid telling the truth. And certainly none of them tell outright lies.

Do I want to know what they really think about me?

Not so much.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t really care. And when I do, I can ask my sister and cousin (both of whom are reading this), and be guaranteed to get a straight-up answer. Even if I wanted them to sugarcoat it.

So sorry. Don’t ask for my opinion unless you’re ready to hear it.

What about you? If you could borrow WW’s magic lasso, who would you want to interview? What if the rope was used on YOU?

2 thoughts on “You Will Tell the Truth by Wonder Woman”

  1. I really liked this article It does seem that the truth is getting lost in so many areas of our lives!
    I also think that your true voice is showing on your more recent posts. They tell a truth, with wit and a bit of sarcasm all rolled up into some good writing! Thanks for sharing

    1. Sarcasm, sure. Wit? That makes me sound like Mark Twain or something *head swells*
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. Share them far and wide. I’m trying this new series under advisement, hoping to garner more regular readers of the blog.

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