World Travel in one long walk

Only in Las Vegas can you go from New York to Paris by crossing four pedestrian bridges and zero bodies of water. This is world travel at its least complex.
Bright blue sky accompanied our stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard on Monday morning. After registering at the conference at The Cosmopolitan, we began our tourist trek.
First stop involved viewing the water feature in front of the Aria. We recently saw this in the movie Last Vegas. Amazing and intricate. We’re certain it would be spectacular at night. Two thumbs up to the artist who synchronized those water and lights.
Down the street we gaped at the Brooklyn Bridge. I was thankful Godzilla didn’t make an appearance. My husband tried to get me on the roller coaster around the New York skyline. You all know I’m crazy but not insanely stupid. I did pose with Lady Liberty.
Since the sun isn’t scheduled to make an appearance the next few days, my husband was forced to sit by the pool with me for a couple hours in the afternoon. I was on a lounger and he sat in the shade. The wind blew shoes across the pool and lounge chairs into the water. Thankfully, no bodies attached in either case.
Once the sun set, we could visit the City of Light. I’ll post pictures of that on the blog tomorrow. My iPad is awesome, but the WordPress application less so. I’ll go online to my site where I know how to get more than one image up at a time.
Have you visited New York City? Paris? Las Vegas? Share a memory. That way we can all travel vicariously through you – so much less expensive.

4 thoughts on “World Travel in one long walk”

  1. Looks like you’re having a good time. šŸ™‚
    I have traveled to a few states. I think so far my favorites are Pennsylvania and Nyc (where I currently live). I’m not a big city girl, however I do love the fact that there is so much to do. I have seen such awesome places and the city is beautiful at night when everything is lit up. Pennsylvania is beautiful! I loved visiting the farmer’s markets and tasting all the fresh fruits there. Philadelphia is a place rich in history. I learned a lot visiting all of the museums.

  2. I love to hear people’s travel stories. As an Aussie expat living in Indonesia and being mono-lingual (Satu-lingual in Bahasa) I am forever meeting amazing people from all over the world. As one of the +50 demographic with four adult independent children my husband and I have the luxury of being able to visit many International destinations at last! It is certainly one big wide wonderful Multi-cultural, fantastically-gastronomical world out there….always a struggle to ensure my travel wardrobe doesn’t shrink between and while on our adventures.
    I’ve just spent a week in Queenstown, New Zealand (the extreme capital of the world) where my two youngest are currently working in the hospitality/travel industry. Mardy and Brodie both took time off to show me the sights and attempt to drive their mum beyond her limits… Needless to say I did decline to join them in sky diving but did enjoy jet-boating, luging, white-water rafting, horse riding through Hobbit countryside and my first helicopter ride up to land on a glacier! Scenery was spectacular. Having travelled through much of Asia, East Africa, India, Egypt and my beautiful home country of Australia, it was amazing to discover landscapes so unique and pristine. We also did more passive drives around lakes and visited historic gold towns and farm houses via a steamboat as old as the Titanic! Even though my time was short and I only visited one small area of the NZ south Island I would not hesitate to recommend NZ as a destination in its own right…not just an addendum to an Aussie holiday!
    I will return…….hopefully with my husband next time…it was my first OS holiday without him….but his work commitments did not synchronise with my Indi school hols! He is saving his rec leave for our first trip to Europe this June…..

    1. Sounds like I need to put New Zealand on the bucket list. Australia is already there. I have to admit, I still want to go to Paris, Venice and Rome even after seeing their imitations on the Vegas Strip.

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