2 thoughts on “What’s your take on Valentine’s Day?”

  1. I know Thad told you but I really hate Valentines day. I hate it when I’m single and I hate it when I’m in a relationship. I think the premise of it is all wrong. It’s supposed to be a day when you and the one you love show each other how much you mean to them. But that to me is really kind of stupid. Shouldn’t you do that everyday? I feel like while it is a big commercial day for chocolate and balloons and stupid stuffed animals and things, that isn’t what being in a relationship is about. If I was in a relationship for “stuff” I wouldn’t be dating in college when both of you are poor. For me a relationship is about your support emotionally for the other person (and love.) But it isn’t about who can get the other the best gift or to make a point of doing something special on that day. I feel like you should always make a point of taking the time to do something special once in a while and not just on February 14th each year. A relationship is built off of more than a once a year occasion but off of all the small daily things that you do. So for me the 14th is just that. Another day in the year where I approach my relationship in the same way as always, cherishing everything from my “good morning text” to my “goodnight sweet dreams” text, and with every small special moment in between.

    1. I agree that we should show our love each and every day. After being in a relationship for a long time, we tend to forget about the little things – like chocolates and flowers. Having one day “dedicated” to lovers is another marketing scheme – yes. However, I also think it’s a good reminder to those who get busy and forget about the little things to take the opportunity to remember them.
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