What’s Wonder Woman Watching on TV?

Television. That which has been dumbing down America since the 1950s.

Sorry, that’s what Wonder Woman says. And I agree with her.

According to a 2014 article in the New York Daily News, the average American watches more than five hours of television every day. That doesn’t include the hours surfing the Internet or playing on phones or tablets.

In a lifetime, the average American will spend NINE YEARS watching TV.

Not me. I’d rather read a book.

However, with so many people watching television, there must be something worth watching on it, right?

Here’s what our gal Wonder Woman watches:

Big Bang Theory

(I know all my Creationist friends just got offended by the name of this program. It’s a sit-com about nerdy scientists who obviously ascribe to this theory. Just because I watch it doesn’t change my belief about the origin of the universe.)

Four nerdy scientists who struggle to socialize in the real world.

Wonder Woman needs a good laugh after a long week of saving the world. The puns and lovable geekiness of this show gives her the warm fuzzies.

She would like to gag Sheldon from time to time and finds Raj adorable. It’s a peaceful thirty minutes away from reality.


(There are more than one? Well, whichever one is on when she flips on the TV is the one she watches.)

The inner workings of a criminal investigation amaze her. All that work scanning crime scenes for DNA and cloth fibers.

She prefers her take-action, catch-them-at-the-crime tactics to those microscopes and test tubes. Barring that, she will lasso her prime suspects and get the truth of the matter in a few moments.

The criminal justice system can take over once she’s got a signed confession, which she happily delivers to the police with her trussed up felon.






The Olympics

Our gal, WW,  loves seeing red, white and blue waving in the wind while the athletes prove their physical stamina. (Yes, I mean the American flag. NO, the flag pictured here is NOT it.)

In fact, she knows she’s dressed for some beach volleyball. Her skin tingles at the thought of pitting herself against world-class athletes. You know in something that isn’t an Amazonian fight to the death.

It’s nice to see people in friendly competition for a change. There’s too much nasty back-biting and underhanded dealings in the real world.

Facing opponents in a physical challenge is something she understands.

The rules for fencing and shooting might be a little vague. Weapons used to do something other than neutralize the enemy? And still she’ll choose watching that over synchronized swimming.

What are you watching on TV these days? Make a recommendation for our girl WW.

4 thoughts on “What’s Wonder Woman Watching on TV?”

  1. I am soo excited to watch the Olympics! It’s my favorite event broadcast on tv! Otherwise not too much worth watching
    I usually read a book while my husband watches. We have compromised with ” if we are sitting together, we are spending time together!”

    1. Totally what Jeff and I do. I’d much rather read than watch TV. I’m excited for the Olympics to start. We love to watch beach volleyball and diving. He tolerates gymnastics with me 🙂

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