What’s for dinner – when I’m eating alone?

In an empty nest, there’s no need for a four-course meal served on fine china. In fact, sometimes grilled cheese and tomato soup are exactly what’s for dinner when I’m cooking for two.

My oldest son still lives with us, but since his girlfriend has moved to the area, he doesn’t come home for dinner every night anymore. That means my days of cooking for two can continue. *Twirls around, humming and laughing*

Recently, my husband had to travel for work. My son was at his girlfriend’s house for three of those five days. If you think cooking for two is easy, here’s my menu when I cooked for one.

Dinner One

A bowl of Raisin Bran with milk and a bunch of grapes.

Dinner Two

Twelve Wheat Thins with a slice of cheese, half a red pepper and a bag of popcorn an hour later.

Dinner Three

A six-inch sub from Subway.

Better yet, the dinners when I cooked for my son and I weren’t too challenging either. Quesadillas anyone? They happen to be one of his favorite things. A Mexican grilled cheese sandwich is what that is. No need to add tomato soup, a cup of salsa works.

I wonder if people who live alone eat this simple fare. Or do they cook a single portion of something gourmet? I’m certain I wouldn’t live on cold cereal and popcorn if I only cooked for myself. I can see making a pot of navy bean soup and cornbread. Eat it for three days and then freeze the leftovers for later. I don’t know how gourmet that is.

I do understand that eating out is hazardous to health and waistline. Even if you get one of the “under 6 grams of fat” subs from Subway. It also loses its appeal when I eat out too often.

What do you eat when you’re by yourself for dinner? If you live alone, enlighten me to the way of cooking you use.

5 thoughts on “What’s for dinner – when I’m eating alone?”

  1. Because my husband works 2nd shift, our dinner time is somewhere around noon. We seem to be able to throw a halfway decent meal together. However, on Saturdays, Hubby does some things for a mentally challenged man. He usually ends up eating with this man so I have something like a burrito or a sub-sandwich.

  2. A salad, yogurt, or a plate of nachos!!!!! a baked potato with half a baked chicken breast, the occasional bowl of soup or bowl of cereal. Very difficult to be interested in cooking for one every night when you come home from a long day of work.

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