Want to See Something Pretty?

Sometimes it takes months for a story to come together. Other times, it takes years.

My next release is one of those. It has been a short story and then a novel. It has been pitched to agents and submitted to a publisher during #pitmad.

Well, not the exact story that will be published in eBook and paperback on March 7, 2023. But iterations of the same story featuring characters with the same names who have evolved over time (or in some cases devolved).

May I introduce the face of A Promised Plan:

The book will be released exclusively on Amazon March 7, 2023

What’s unique about this book for me:

  • It’s women’s fiction
  • It is comprised of short stories that connect to tell a larger story
  • There is poetry I wrote inside
  • The story is personal
  • The first iteration helped me grieve my mother’s death

Although this isn’t my first self-published title, I’m doing things differently with this book. Rather than publishing and hoping, I’m following a clear launch plan created by successful authors.

Oh, I’ll still be praying every step of the way.

Like right now while the book is with the editor for the first round of editing.

Watch this page for snippets of a few stories. Enough to introduce you to the three women I’ve been spending time with for more than eight years.

What do you think of the cover? Would it tempt you to take a closer look?

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