Twenty-five Years of Wedded Bliss

Aren't we a happy couple?
Aren’t we a happy couple?

On May 27, 1988, this poor guy committed his life to me. He vowed to stay beside me in sickness and health. At the same time, I promised to honor, love and obey him.

Twenty-five years later (and it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long), we’re holding onto each other and standing by our covenant.

Sometimes people act like it’s so incredible that we’ve been married for so long. I like to think it’s because I look so young. It’s more likely that they don’t know how Mr. Wonderful has survived without killing me.

I know people who have been married for 60 years. This is why our Silver Anniversary, while certainly a landmark, doesn’t seem like “hard work” to me.

Check back in another twenty-five years. We’ll see if I think the Golden Anniversary is worth raving about.

I don’t mean to demean my marriage. I have the best husband in the world. In fact, he’s so awesome that he presented me with an itinerary for Germany on my anniversary. I had already squabbled with him that $2000 was too much money and I would accompany him on some later trip when it wasn’t so expensive.

Apparently, no. I will leave on June 22 and return on July 3, 2013. This is my official college graduation gift.

See what I mean about Mr. Wonderful? There’s no other woman on earth who has a better husband.

I hope and pray my sons will choose to marry their best friend. I believe founding a marriage on friendship rather than romantic love is essential for longevity.

We all know that the “spark” might not be there every minute of every day. However, when you like someone because you chose them as a friend, all those “mushy feelings” are irrelevant. After all, when a friend needs you, you show up. Why would you offer your life mate anything less?

I hope you take a minute to respond to my poll. I’m interested on gauging the pulse of Americans regarding the idea of “what makes marriage last?”

2 thoughts on “Twenty-five Years of Wedded Bliss”

  1. Sharon I think your silver anniversary is certainly something to celebrate and your gold is something to look forward to. I have been married to St John for about 28 years and we love our life at this point in time. Our four children are all independent and working in Australia and New Zealand and they have lovely partners who complement them and their life-styles. We currently live in Indonesia where we are making a new life for ourselves away from our children and families, which is like a new beginning for us as we re-discover each other and make new friends along the way!
    In 28 years our marriage has certainly seen interesting, sleepless, financially stressful times but the memories we keep are the joyous ones that are all the more poignant for the struggles along the way.
    Enjoy your trip to Germany with your husband!

    1. Denise-
      Congratulations on your 28 years! I think it definitely gets better as we go along. I’m looking forward to the next stage when my sons get married and have kids.
      I have already been checking out museums and castles and gardens near Munich and I’m ready to go!
      Thanks for commenting.

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