This Island of Disappointment

CocoCay_BahamasOne day into the vacations, and we’re supposed to spend our daylight on Royal Caribbean’s privately owned island. Instead, we dock at the Island of Disappointment.

If you’re from the Pacific Northwest, you understand there are places with such a name. Cape Disappointment for one. So named because Lewis and Clark didn’t find the harbor they were hoping to discover.

In the case of this cruise, the swells and winds made taking tenders ashore too dangerous. And we all want a cruise line who values our safety above everything else.

Except me. I wanted to go parasailing.

Lesson Learned

I should have went parasailing in Mexico. Sure, it would have left my oldest son all alone at the resort. Sure, I loved lounging by the pool and reading a book.


But, while the sunny poolside isn’t always available, the book is. Parasailing above tropical waterways, on the other hand, is a limited time opportunity.

On the cruise, we were told, “If you see something you love, buy it.”

Yeah, well, maybe if I won that billion dollar Powerball pot. Otherwise, my lesson is more usable in real life.

Take the opportunity that presents itself.

I’m sure another chance at parasailing over aquamarine seas of glass will come again. Although, I don’t know when. Not when the next vacations are for family and then Italy. Unless parasailing is available off the coast of the boot-shaped peninsula.

Another cruise might be in the works. Or a return to Hawaii. Mexico is likely to happen only as a stop on a cruise, I think.

When the window of opportunity cracks open, plunge through.

Replacement Activity

It wasn’t a pretty day. I did mention wind and swells renamed the island Disappointment, right?

We sat on deck for a short time. And wandered.

The cruise director hurriedly threw together a full day of entertainment – sort of entertaining.

But when you’re imagining sailing high above clear water and gazing into the depths, what else can measure up?

They were quick to credit our account. Great. That meant we shouldn’t owe much for our gratuities and the few on-board purchases.

It didn’t cause my heart to swell with delight.

Count this lesson learned. The next time parasailing is an option, I will say yes.

The Island of Disappointment isn’t a place to visit – especially not on vacation.

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