The Day after Christmas

A lot of Christmas Gifts
Around our house, the day after Thanksgiving and the one after Christmas are predictable. Except for this year.

In my rush to avoid Christmas, a few traditions got trampled underfoot. The biggest ones had to do with seasonal decorations.

In the Hughson house, the day after Thanksgiving means decorating for Christmas.

It involves lugging dozens of boxes in from the garage, emptying them and refilling them with non-seasonal knick-knacks.

Two things interfered with that this year:

  • Selling our house
  • A vacation to Mexico

The extent of decorating my house: I pulled a centerpiece my mother bought me several years ago off the top shelf of a rack in the garage. I unwrapped it from its garbage bag and placed it in the center of the dining room table.

I removed the autumn leave centerpiece and table runner and put them away in the laundry room.

Decorating: Done

One lonely angel proclaims that Jesus is the Reason for the Season
One lonely angel proclaims that Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Of course, this lack of decorations affected today’s traditional UN-decorating of the house and tree. There was nothing to take down – not even a string of Christmas lights (which are my favorite decoration of this holiday season).

What are your holiday traditions? Have circumstances altered or derailed these traditions?

2 thoughts on “The Day after Christmas”

  1. It’s been 7 years now since my husband and I have had a “regular” Christmas, and even at that, since 2003 it’s just been the two of us. My husband works on Christmas now if it comes during the regular work week. Our children live in other states with their own families and none of us have the kind of money to go visiting. Anymore, our Christmases are a “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” to each other with a warm long hug and a DVD movie or two.

    I think it bothers my husband a lot more than it bothers me. I think it’s that I really do prefer the “Silent Night”.

  2. My christmas still involved a tree but it is tiny (4ft) so will be super easy to clear up. I like to pretend I am a giant or a basketball player when I stand next to it (even though I don’t really understand what basketball is tbh, I’m British it’s hard to keep up…). Sometimes I reenact scenes from godzilla with baubles.


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