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Scrapbooking a Wedding – Part 2 – The Engagement

In the wake of one whirlwind wedding, the memorabilia for another waxed and waned. Without an engagement, there would be no wedding. Right?

Engagements are epic. Entire movies have been plotted around popping the question.

Why was it so difficult to put this spread of pages together?

Call me creatively stifled. Or dumbfounded by the over-abundance of information.

The Plan

Never let it be said that my youngest son doesn’t have a plan.

It may look like haphazard meandering. Especially if you’ve seen how he keeps his clean clothes *frowns*

He had everything set up. Reservations at the restaurant he wanted, buddies lined up to set the proposal site in order.

Even video and photo equipment.

So – he was early for the reservations. Better than late though.

The dinner was excellent. The dessert a delicious “enjoy me later” delicacy from The Cheesecake Factory.

Flower petals were strewn with obvious care in the private glen on campus.


The Photos

Darkness curtained this romantic setting. And someone didn’t have a flash. Or something to add light for the video.

Pictures were taken. Filming progressed.

In the end, the Dark Side prevailed.

The only remaining proof lay in the minds of those in attendance.

It’s pretty hard to use that for scrapbook images.

And then there were two

The all-important question was posed. The lovely girl said, “Yes.”

So they are engaged.

Both of them blogged their side of the story. And posted pictures taken with their camera phones at the restaurant. (One of those moments when a phone that is also a camera is a wonderful thing.)

Those images and recollections are all the fodder I had to make a memorable page layout in their keepsake book.

Thankfully, the weather turned wet. The man worked late.

Messing up the table with all my paper paraphernalia seemed like a profitable use of time.

And the project continues. Now, my creative future daughter is planning on making 200 wedding invitations.

Talk about some scraps for the book…

Happy 27 Years of Marriage

You guessed it. Today is my 27th wedding anniversary.

And they said it would never last? Little did they know I have more sticking power than a starving leech (nice visual, right?).

How about a little walk down memory lane?

Once upon a time, a sophomore dated a senior. Later, she befriended with that guy’s best friend. They went on a few dates. He went away to college. She went into the army.

Regardless of the separation, they decided they loved each other and wanted to spend eternity together.

So, they got married.

May 27, 1988 - My sister, me, my husband, and his brother
May 27, 1988 – My sister, me, my husband, and his brother

They bought a house, had two kids and life got crazy. After a few rough years, they decided to renew their marriage vows. They wouldn’t go the way of so many; they would stick it out.

Forever. Together.

Renewing our vows - May 2001
Renewing our vows – May 2001

More time passed. Their little boys grew and grew until they became young men.

Mr. and Mrs. felt extreme pride in the successes of their sons. Life was good.

Oldest Graduates high school - June 2009
Oldest Graduates high school – June 2009




Happy Silver Anniversary - May 27, 2013
Happy Silver Anniversary – May 27, 2013

Boys went to college. So did the Mrs. It was time to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

A month before she finished college, the couple celebrated 25 years of marriage. Sorry there aren’t many pictures of the occasion. The usual photographer needed to be present in FRONT of the camera. The back-up cameraman was too fast for the old Nikon.





Now they live in a wonderful single-level home, making preparations to move to the next phase of life: grand-parenting.

Looks like a Happily Ever After ending to me!
Looks like a Happily Ever After ending to me!

















Having fun in Cabo, Mexico - December 2014
Having fun in Cabo, Mexico – December 2014













And that’s what happily married for more than a quarter-century looks like.



Cinderella has a Dress for the Ball (i.e. Wedding)

Looks like Cinderella, but not wearing the perfect dress.
Looks like Cinderella, but not wearing the perfect dress.

Last week, I mentioned my first experience with wedding dress shopping in more than 15 years (I was a matron-of-honor once and hope never to be dishonored that way again).

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, my future daughter had her fourth opportunity to scour through a bridal store. This was my second outing, and I hoped it would prove to be “the day” we found her dress.

Her spirits skyrocketed. She had visited the website of the bridal boutique where we had a 12:30 appointment. In loving color (which can be difficult to notice when the dress is white), they displayed a dress by her preferred manufacturer. It looked like it had the two elements she wanted paired to perfection.

The shop was a converted house. Little hallways were stuffed with dresses: wedding gowns, bridal party attire and prom frou-frou.

At the back of the house was a well-lit sitting area overlooking the back parking lot. A trifecta of mirrors and a raised platform provided an ideal setting for a bride to showcase her choices.

Alas, that space was for royalty. We were tucked into a room behind the mirrored wall. Sure, it was a fair-sized room – 14 by 14 – but one wall was lined with chairs. Can anyone say claustrophobia?

But I don’t suffer from such fears. I took in the two full-length mirrors; those would offer a double-sided view of dresses. Yes, the room became the changing station and model runway.

Needless to say, the company website falsely advertised.

“It shows the entire collection,” the saleswoman said, “but that doesn’t mean we carry all of those gowns.”

Of course it doesn’t.

Could we at least put that in small print somewhere? That way, when my hopeful daughter called to make an appointment, she would know to ask if the dress she CAME TO TRY ON was on the premises.

An hour and a half later, we left with a helpful folder of wedding planning information, but not any closer to finding “The Dress.

Since we were nearby, a call was placed to the very first shop we went to – Bridal Exclusives. We’re out and about and wondering if we could come by to look at those dresses again?

Another appointment. More time by myself on the commuter-crazed highway.

Déjà vu.

We love Lindsay. This woman knows her gowns and how to make a customer feel valued. However much she makes for putting up with picky brides-to-be, she deserves a pay raise.

The envisioned dress proves elusive, does it? Not a problem. Let’s see if we can find a top from that manufacturer (Casablanca) because they will combine two styles.

Have you ever worn two wedding dresses at the same time? I mean – huge ones. They have four layers of crinoline beneath and four layers of gauzy tulle above.

Nope. Not "The Dress" for Cinderella.
Nope. Not “The Dress” for Cinderella.

My lovely Cinderella wore two dresses for quite a while. Come to find out, she could combine these two dresses – they were quite similar in style. The major differences: the cut of the waistline and the embroidery and beading on the skirt.

Yes, there is a Fairy Godmother in the wedding gown industry. Lindsay is her representative. The flattering beaded bodice will be paired with the shimmering embroidered skirt. The made-to-order dress should arrive in June.

The price? Believe me, I was expecting something close to $2,000 after looking at the price tags on some of the flashier gowns she’d tried.

I was wrong. I’m pretty sure Cindrella’s parents breathed a sigh of relief. They were prepared to pay whatever the price for “The Dress.”

Now that the most important part of the special day is taken care of, attention can be turned to more mundane things: finding a church, deciding on a minister, bridesmaids’ dresses, menus, and whatever else.

What memories do you have of planning your wedding? Are they positive ones? Or do you heave a sigh of relief  (“Glad that’s over”) when you think of it?

A Daughter – Finally!

I have two handsome sons. In December 2015 January 2016, I will finally get a daughter!

No, this isn’t the longest pregnancy in the history of womankind. It doesn’t involve childbirth at ALL.

My youngest son is getting married.

I love my new daughter-to-be. Besides making my son happy (which is important to Mama Bear), she’s a wonderful person.

Everyone who knows me has heard me loudly give thanks that I had two boys. Dodging the epic drama caused by residing in proximity to a teenage girl is reason enough. Not that all drama was dodged – have you met my youngest son? – but it was nothing compared to what a daughter would have brought home.

Now, however, I’m ready to have a daughter (or two, if only my other son would pop the question to his long-time girlfriend). There are so many things to share with a daughter that sons don’t care about.

You know what I mean, right? Things like:

  • Shopping
  • Baking
  • Home décor
  • Color schemes
  • Holiday planning
  • Discussion of many topics

What’s even more humbling for me is: she wants to include me in the wedding planning process.

I love weddings. I think every wedding should be unique and reflect the personalities and values of the couple being united.

My own wedding was a fiasco, of sorts. Well, not the actual wedding, although it wouldn’t be a wedding if there weren’t a few unexpected occurrences. It was the planning phase of my wedding that caused more fallout than a nuclear blast.

It’s not worth rehashing. Suffice it to say, I decided right then that I was NOT GOING TO BE THAT MOTHER. If asked, I would offer my opinion, but my financial aid would not be contingent upon getting me way.

Whose wedding is it anyway?

It’s not my wedding. It is my son and daughter’s (*smiling just saying this*) special day. It should be where they want, including who they ask. Decorations, attire, food choices and anything else should be their choice.

Later this month, I get to go on the first wedding dress shopping trip. I’m so honored to be asked to join in with her mom and girlfriends.

Now, to practice buttoning my lip and seasoning my opinions with grace…

Do you have sons or daughters? Any wedding stories you want to share?