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Heroes Heroes Everywhere

Heroes are everywhere. The best thing about natural disasters: they bring undercover heroes out in the open.
And because of smart phones that double as cameras and video recorders, these acts of heroism are easily documented in 2017.
For once, the viral posts on social media sites are things that make a person smile and feel good about being human. It’s a really nice change from the political diatribe and the newest report of yet another mass shooting.
I adore “citizen responders” as a descriptor for neighbors practicing the Golden Rule.
Here’s a video of some of those rescues:

Have you heard any inspiring rescue stories of everyday heroes? I’m sure Florida’s storm inspired similar acts.

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Family Reunion Woes

Do you enjoy family reunions? Maybe your family has one every year and it’s all the rage, everyone attends. Or maybe there’s a restraining order against your family assembling altogether.

I’m not a fan of family reunions. Mostly because I don’t really know the people there. Yes, we share common ancestors, but do we have anything else binding us?

My world is built around people who want to connect with me. The fact that I have a small circle of friends says something about my personality. I’m too introverted? Too demanding? Too hard to get along with? Too something.

The older I get, the less resistant I’ve become to getting together with people in my family I don’t usually see. Time is limited, I realize. If I don’t see them this year, they may pass to the other side before I get a chance.

Morbid reason for attending a family reunion, I know. But what do you expect from a writer?

Reasons I Avoid Reunions

  • I don’t know anyone (really)
  • I’m an introvert
  • None of these people would reach out to me at any other time (nor have I reached out to them)
  • I have very little in common with the people there (how I know this when I don’t really know any of them is unclear)
  • I’m not a fan of going to big gatherings – especially alone

Reasons I Attended this Year

  • Relatives I know from out-of-state were attending
  • I wanted to see my aunts and uncles who are getting older
  • My aunt and cousin twisted my arm
  • I didn’t have to attend alone

What’s your gut reaction to a family gathering? Do you like big family reunions?