Why our World isn’t ready for Superheroes

In a world where people cry over dead gorillas and ignore starving or abused children, we need heroes. Now more than ever. But the world isn’t ready for superheroes. Thanks to my new site tagline (thanks Social Media Jedi Kristen Lamb), Holding out for a Hero, there is likely to be more posts about what …

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Three reasons why I avoid Guilt trips

Come along on a recent guilt trip I took! No, really. It will be delightful. I promise! “Did you know Lily’s foot was hurt?” My stomach plummeted lower than the soles of my manure-encrusted boots. This friendship detonated in front of me. I’d done the unthinkable – injured her horse. “No. When did this happen?” Explanations …

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Expectations that build character

Some readers might have given up on my series regarding expectations for young people. After all, it seems like a diatribe against education, government or parenting. Aren’t their some expectations we should have for our children? Duh. Lack of appropriate expectations has damaged our youth as much as unrealistic expectations. Maybe even more. We all …

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