An American Author in Canada

Authors take vacations, but sometimes they aren’t for avoiding the keyboard. This author travels occasionally with her engineer husband, and most of the time those are working vacations. What? It’s not vacation if you’re working. Maybe you’re right. Or not. The third definition for vacation at says: “freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.” In this case, I’m freed from …

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When I Want to Relax

Some people go on vacation to “get away from work.” Or to experience some new and exciting place. Maybe they want to have once-in-a-lifetime adventures. While I might want a little of those things, sometimes I want to do nothing…and relax. Relaxation takes many different forms depending on the person. There are some people who …

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Paradise: Found

Underneath the veneer of this Paradise, the surf thrums. Its regularity relaxes me. The steadiness acts as the heartbeat of my vacation. Blue water, reflecting sunlight and mirroring the azure sky above, swells against the reddish sand. With this pulse, life continues. Images included with this post display the Paradise I view upon awaking and …

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