Monday Morning Post-Vacation Blahs

Yes, I have something worse than the Monday Morning Blues. A disease more distressing than Post-Vacation Lethargy. I have the “Blahs.” Do you know what I mean? The weather outside is gray and drizzly. Blah. Piles of cat-scratchings mock me, clinging to my slippers when I walk anywhere near the dining room. Who cares? Dishes …

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Writing in a New Direction

Sometimes directions are clear: “Turn left at the next stop light.” Other times, the directions can be convoluted: “Take the next right. Keep left.” (My GPS often says this, in fact. Amazingly unhelpful.) In 2013, I started in a new direction. I quit my job with the school district to pursue a writing career full-time. …

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What to Write Next: Blues Writer Style

I’ve got the blues. Since sending my two fiction books to beta readers in late January, I have been floundering for true writing direction. Fiction or nonfiction? That is the question. Let’s face it, most people who dream of writing, dream of writing a knock-out, impossible-to-put-down novel. They want to weave the perfect story with …

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Is a Power Point without a Presenter Worthwhile?

Once again, one of my online professors has assigned a Power Point project. While I have no problems researching and designing these presentations, I wonder at their effectiveness. What is the point of a presentation? It should display facts and media that informs or persuades an audience. Can a slide show do that without a …

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