Rewrite, Revise, Repeat…Is it Done Yet?

Good writing is rewriting. I’m not the originator of that wisdom. It seems like I might be a poster child for it, though. When did I finish this young adult fantasy novel again? Oh, right, before NaNoWriMo last year. It was ready for a little polish and then off to the beta readers. Or so …

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Story Engineering

At the behest of my Jedi Master, Kristen Lamb, I’ve begun dog-earring a copy of Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. It’s a masterful guide for creating a strong, complex story. If you’re thinking, “I’ve got story structure down,” I thought similarly after highlighting James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure into rainbow-like proportions. Brooks subtitled his …

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Since I stumbled into C.S. Lewis’ Narnia in fifth grade, I have been a fan of reading fantasy novels. The more magical the place and characters, the more enthralled I am to enter their domain. Fortunately, I have a nephew who is more of a fantasy buff than I am. This keeps me supplied with …

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