Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Twenty-three years ago yesterday at a few moments after midnight, my he-will-forever-be-my-baby son entered this world. Yesterday, we celebrated that occasion. It was a huge family dinner. My four, their wives and the family of my baby’s wife. My baby has a wife? I know. Wasn’t it just yesterday he arrived in the world? Right. …

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Dear Teenager: Your Dress Code isn’t about Sexism

The dress code at your school isn’t about sexism. Enforcing those rules isn’t a form of discrimination. Click here to read my personal rebuttal to this piece of propaganda. Today, I’m going to address the girl whose school day was interrupted by a trip to the office. Dear Teenage Girl- I’m sorry you won’t be …

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My house is full and my stress runneth over

In the past, I’ve blogged about the empty nest syndrome. Many of my readers commiserated with the heart-wrenching transition to this phase. What about the refilled nest syndrome? Yes, I just made that up. It could be the no more silence syndrome. Or the where did all my food go syndrome. Perhaps the overflowing laundry …

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Expectations that build character

Some readers might have given up on my series regarding expectations for young people. After all, it seems like a diatribe against education, government or parenting. Aren’t their some expectations we should have for our children? Duh. Lack of appropriate expectations has damaged our youth as much as unrealistic expectations. Maybe even more. We all …

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What Makes a Mother Proud

In accordance with my monthly hobby goal, I’ve spent several hours with pictures, paper and glue since February 1. Leafing through the photos, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia, I did more than walk down memory lane. I renewed my sense of motherly pride. When I was growing up, I wanted both of my parents to be …

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