This Island of Disappointment

One day into the vacations, and we’re supposed to spend our daylight on Royal Caribbean’s privately owned island. Instead, we dock at the Island of Disappointment. If you’re from the Pacific Northwest, you understand there are places with such a name. Cape Disappointment for one. So named because Lewis and Clark didn’t find the harbor they …

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When the pressure is too much

In an earlier post, I mentioned the pressure to buy-in to a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas. Unfortunately, it isn’t the only pressure we encountered in our sojourn south of the border. And something has to give when the pressure is too much. At our resort, there are evening performances and themed buffets on a …

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Five things you learn to hate about international trave

Everyone wants to be Marco Polo and discover the wider world around them. It’s a big place, this international playground. Travelling the world it real living. Or not. Like everything else in this life – travelling internationally is not all it’s touted to be. Wi-Fi We live in a digital world, don’t we? It’s a …

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Timeshare Vultures

Sparkling aquamarine waters lap hungrily at the coarse beige sands of Cabo San Lucas. Quite an incongruous locale for vultures. Unsuspecting first-time visitors incite a feeding frenzy among the seemingly innumerable masses of timeshare salespeople. If you’ve never flown into Los Cabos airport, you have no point of reference for the scavenger-like feel created by …

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Happy Birthday – from Cabo

“Happy birthday to me” *smiling and humming* On this day in 19-something, my mother gave birth to me at St. John’s Hospital in Longview, WA. When my parents took me home a few days later, it was in a Christmas stocking. My birthday has been shoved into the Christmas rush of parties, baking, family gatherings …

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