A Wide Angle Lens Look at Mentoring

This post is in preparation for the discussion on “Mentoring” in my Facebook Group which begins on September 7, 2019. If you’re not a member, click through to this link and ask to join. (I let everyone in!) If you haven’t read the fictionalization written from Priscilla’s point of view, do that now. Then you’ll …

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What is Mentoring?

This month, I turned my blog into more of a teaching platform. We all know what teachers do, but what is thing called mentoring? A mentor is someone who advises or trains someone (especially a younger colleague) says the dictionary. I’m not a huge fan of this definition because that makes it sound like mentors …

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Mentoring is God’s plan for passing along Christianity and the example of Jesus Christ himself. This month, the blog will take a closer look at this important calling. As in the study book (no longer available for purchase), the study starts with a Portrait. Mentoring is becoming a lost art. As you’ll see in the …

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