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Summer, Summer, Where Have You Gone?

Summer is my favorite season. Shortly after Christmas is past, I start wishing for warmer temperatures. Or at least sunny skies.
I have a cousin who would happily leave his Christmas tree up year-round. If there was a symbol for summer, I’d set that baby up and move it to more prominent positions as temperatures dropped.
Seriously. The only good thing about winter is Christmas. I learned that fact in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Narnia was cursed by the White Witch. How?

It was always winter, but never Christmas.

This entire year has sped by already but summer seemed in constant fast-forward. Can you believe this is the last day of the eighth month of 2017? Tomorrow is the ninth month.

Worst of all, the ninth month will bring the end of summer.

The weather man is predicting warm, sunny days for a few weeks still. But when the sun goes down, the heat goes away.
No more sitting out on the patio in the evening to chill. Unless you want to pull on warm socks, long pants and a sweatshirt. No more s’mores roasting.
Of course, it also means no more air-conditioned house 24/7. Once the temperature drops, you can switch the AC off and throw open the windows.
My husband has already started doing this.

Here’s a recap of my summer:

Writing like a whirlwind in Vancouver, BC

Querying agents at a brand new conference

Choosing a title for the nonfiction I was querying

Getting selected to write Christian romance in a new Kindle World

Installing a water feature in the back yard
Releasing the second book in my Virtual Match Romance series

Barbecuing with the family on the patio
Writing the Christian romance story

Meeting new writers to beta read this new genre
Attending Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference

Making writer friends at the conference

Enjoying a total eclipse of the sun with family

Must see what others posted on Social Media

Spending eclipse day with the birthday boy

A quick retreat at my sister’s beach house

Can you hear the shush? Smell the salinity?

Lots of reading in the evenings (but boy did my crocheting suffer)
It doesn’t seem like much when written in a list like this. But it filled three sunny months and made them whip by.
My favorite memory from this summer is that it didn’t rain. Only a couple of days were cloudy. After nine months of endless downpours, I needed this three-month reprieve.

Am I ready for the rainy season? Never.

What’s your favorite memory from this summer? Include a picture if my comment section allows it (or jet over to my FB page where you can surely post one in the comments on the post announcing this blog).

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Family Reunion Woes

Do you enjoy family reunions? Maybe your family has one every year and it’s all the rage, everyone attends. Or maybe there’s a restraining order against your family assembling altogether.

I’m not a fan of family reunions. Mostly because I don’t really know the people there. Yes, we share common ancestors, but do we have anything else binding us?

My world is built around people who want to connect with me. The fact that I have a small circle of friends says something about my personality. I’m too introverted? Too demanding? Too hard to get along with? Too something.

The older I get, the less resistant I’ve become to getting together with people in my family I don’t usually see. Time is limited, I realize. If I don’t see them this year, they may pass to the other side before I get a chance.

Morbid reason for attending a family reunion, I know. But what do you expect from a writer?

Reasons I Avoid Reunions

  • I don’t know anyone (really)
  • I’m an introvert
  • None of these people would reach out to me at any other time (nor have I reached out to them)
  • I have very little in common with the people there (how I know this when I don’t really know any of them is unclear)
  • I’m not a fan of going to big gatherings – especially alone

Reasons I Attended this Year

  • Relatives I know from out-of-state were attending
  • I wanted to see my aunts and uncles who are getting older
  • My aunt and cousin twisted my arm
  • I didn’t have to attend alone

What’s your gut reaction to a family gathering? Do you like big family reunions?