Looking Ahead to Retirement

Retirement is for the old. Or the rich. And let’s face it, I’m neither. But when your investment advisor calls you to discuss your retirement portfolio, you start thinking about it. If the lady selling pre-paid funeral packages calls you a few months later, it’s probably a second hint. You know, that maybe you SHOULD be thinking …

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Funeral, Memorial Service or Something Else

“I don’t want a funeral. Don’t cry when I’m dead. Have a party and laugh about my stupidity, hilarity and ingenuity.” My husband looks at me like I’m crazy. As much as I cry when a loved one passes, he thinks it’s the epitome of hypocrisy that I expect people to laugh after my own …

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A Mother’s Life

When you’re writing your mother’s obituary, it occurs to you that sometimes words fail. A life is more than education, residence, employment, awards and surviving family. All the column inches in the newspaper can never hope to capture the full story. My mother’s life conceived mine. If she had listened to the obstetrician who told …

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