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How the Crazy Cash Lady Got that wad of Cash

Smells like Shopping
Smells like Shopping

If you recall my fantastic test drive date, you might recollect that my husband had conceded to giving up his truck as long as I purchased a vehicle with a similar tow rating. How did a test drive lead to the crazy fan of cash you see me holding? Let me tell you the tale.

After driving the Durango, we decided to list my car (2007 Acura RDX) on Craig’s List to see if we’d get any nibbles. If the car sold, we would take his truck (2005 Dodge Ram 2500) in for trade. Using that and the money from my car, we would be able to purchase the beautiful 2014 Dodge Durango Limited outright.

The next day, my husband has the Acura on Craig’s List. Yes, this is the same man who took two months to hand off the house listing papers to me. You guessed this is the same Mr. Wonderful who ten months later has just finally listed the house on Craig’s List. Yup. Very. Next. Day.

He gets two emails within hours. Two days later, he’s driving the car to work because a dealer near his office wants to make an offer. That same day, he gets two more offers. One guy emailed him a picture of the pile of cash he intended to pay with.

Safe to say we will be able to sell my car, right?

Before we listed it for sale, he did the Edmonds and Kelly Blue Book valuing. As you know, there’s always a broad range and no one’s car is rated in “excellent” condition. Our range: $15,500 to $17,900 (or something similar). We listed it in the middle $16,900 and agreed $16,000 was the lowest we would go.

Less than a week later, a young guy (seriously could NOT have been over 25) and his friend show up driving a Cadillac. This is the guy who sent a picture of his cash. His first offer was $15,000 “And here’s what that looks like.” Yada, yada. Who does that?

“We said we weren’t going below $16,000,” I remind my husband. He forgets things sometimes. Don’t we all? (This is me giving him the benefit of the doubt, not being mean-spirited or controlling.)

I guess a stack of 150 one hundred dollar bills can be mesmerizing. He asked for $15,500 and the guy snapped it up. Of course, he’s going to sell it for $17,900 to someone else!

Mr. Moneybags only had the $15,000 out and ready to spend after checking that my car was indeed awesome and in as close to “excellent” condition as a vehicle could get. My husband is meticulous about automobile upkeep – inside, outside and under the hood. The guy opens up his trunk, where he has a briefcase.

He pops it open and – I am not making this up – it’s full of $100-bills, neatly bundled by $1,000 stacks. It was like a B-movie. My husband smarts off, “Should I get out my plastic baggies filled with white powder?”

It was indeed that cheesy scene. Real life is crazier than fiction – and doesn’t read with quite the same verve either.

I counted the money. I still wanted $16,000. With all those people lining up to buy my car, I believe we could have found a buyer to pay that price. Obviously, Mr. Trunk-Full-of-Cash could have coughed up another five Benjamins.

And there you have the story to accompany the crazy cash lady photograph.

What’s the most cash you’ve ever held in your hand? Do you have any car buying or selling tales to share?

(Special thanks to Kelly Roberts for the epic caption beneath the picture.)