Summer Means Household Chores

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For over fifteen years now, the advent of summer signals several things:

  1. A family vacation (plenty of years it was just camping in a tent)
  2. No alarm clock
  3. A long list of household projects to complete

Even with all the hoopla, this summer is no different. The vacation (“Not with the whole family, though,” my youngest son whines) has come and gone. My alarm clock remains silent (but not my husband’s).

The list stretches off the page this year. That could be because I listed every item to be done in every room of the house. Or it could be that three years in college have caused my house to deteriorate into a state of chaotic uncleanliness.

My husband talks about putting the house on the market. The real reason behind the mammoth list emerges.

At this point, both of my sons are living in their childhood bedrooms. My youngest is working several “events” over the summer and will be home sporadically. My oldest is taking a break supposedly job hunting.

Every Tuesday will be a lucky day for all three of us. It begins with the downstairs. The kitchen cabinets might be haunted. The plastic lids have spontaneously reproduced. What is even on those top shelves that require a stool to reach?

I have a schedule. As much as I’d like it to be concrete, I know I’ll need to be flexible. The fact that I believe they’ll be awake at 10am shows my penchant for wishful thinking.

The goal is to unclutter every room before holding a garage sale at the beginning of August.

Most years, the list contains predominantly outside chores: painting, staining the porch, replanting flower beds, spreading bark dust and the like. Of course, what would a cleaning list be without washing walls and knocking down cobwebs?

What’s on your “to do” list this summer?

3 thoughts on “Summer Means Household Chores”

  1. My Summer has been incredibly productive.

    I’ve had time to search for a job pertaining to my field, and we’re getting the house baby-proofed (and just ready in general) for my nephew:

    1. House painted
    2. Deck finished
    3. Bannister added to the stair-way in house and on deck

    Summer class which translates to Gilgamesh, Odyssey, Inferno — and much much more.

    I’m glad that I had time to visit Oregon, and it’s exactly what I needed to charge my missing family and friends battery. To finish my Summer off, Tanner will visit Vegas so he can experience our 118 degree weather yet again, before I start yet another glorious Fall term.

      1. 1-2 depending on how many classes I take, but the goal is 2014.

        When I first started taking classes I was enrolled late and only managed to scoop up two, and almost didn’t even get those. While my soul was being claimed at Wal-Mart I was expected to take four classes a semester.

        It can be nerve wracking for me to be behind, especially when I already was behind to begin with.

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