Spring has Sprung

Here are a few pictures announcing Spring around my house.











Spring bulbs in bloom
Spring bulbs in bloom


Flowering Plum
Flowering Plum











Some people love spring. What’s your favorite season? Feel free to comment what makes that season your favorite.

2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung”

  1. I voted summer. Don’t get me wrong, I do love spring. I love seeing the flowers and trees blooming. I love that light at the end of the very long dark tunnel of winter. I enjoy the bright sunny days that get increasingly warmer and longer as summer approaches. But spring still brings too much rain for my tastes. Yes, I am an Oregonian through and through and have always loved the rain and all the green we have around us because of it. But the older I get, the less I like it. Or, rather, the less my body likes it. My emotional outlook needs the vitamin D that the summer sun has to offer and my (too young) arthritic body needs the warmer weather to keep in motion with as little pain as possible.

    Yes, I prefer summer.

    1. Jen-
      I always knew we were kindred spirits.
      I can’t help but smile when the sun is shining. And yes, my arthritic knee hates the rain or any change that means colder temps or wetter weather.
      Here’s to the arrival of summer; it’s less than three months away and getting closer every day.

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