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I love the English language. That’s why I have a degree in English and literature. It’s also one reason I’m a published author. I’d like to help your words shine, too.

The services I offer are split into three categories: Coaching, Critique and Editing. If you have any questions or want to book a service, please complete the “Request a quote” form at the bottom of the page. I strive to respond within 24 hours on business days.



I love stories. You love stories. But we all wish a fairy godmother existed to wave a magic wand and make our plot sound, characters engaging and prose polished.

If you're stuck, a story coach can come alongside and ask questions to help you clarify what's right (or wrong) with your story so you can get to "the end."

Whether you need brainstorming help or advice about writing a synopsis, I'd love to partner with you and utilize my years of author experience to help you launch your story.


50-minute Calls: $90
Package of FOUR weekly calls: $325 (10% discount)
Six-month mentorship: $1100

Also available: ten session package and upgraded mentorship to include weekly accountability

Testimonials about Sharon's Coaching

Sharon is a talented and masterful author/coach who brings a unique blend of wisdom and practicality to her coaching. When I started working with her, I was overwhelmed at the huge task of writing my first novel, but Sharon’s desire to help new writers was evident in our first conversation. She helped me to break down the myriad ideas of how to write a book into simple steps and encouraged fun in my writing again. Her belief in me helped me push aside the lingering discouragement and gave me the push I needed to move my story forward. Sharon is exactly what I need to finish my book.
-Vickie Bakken

"Sharon listened with grace and quickly discerned the heart of the matter. I appreciated her ability to help me drill down on practicalities. She pushed me to implement my ideas! I appreciated her follow-up emails that summarized our session and offered me encouragement and affirmation of my gifts. Thanks, Sharon!"

Melissa Smith, author and coach



If you pitch your project to an agent, they’ll ask for between twenty and one hundred pages. You need that first chapter to sing a siren song, hooking them hard. That’s why I recommend a first chapter critique for all beginning writers.

My critique includes in-line commentary using Track Changes on Word, plus a written summary to explain the strengths and weaknesses of the writing and offer suggestions for improvements (along with resources as applicable).


First Chapter Critique (up to 5,000 words) - $50
Manuscript Critique at $25 per hour ($250 minimum)
Add a 30-minute Zoom call to any critique for $30

Testimonials on Sharon's Critique Services

From USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer M. Eaton - Sharon has an eagle eye for character development and romance. I appreciate how she can see through the explosions and action in a story, and dig deep into characters’ reactions, dissecting them for stability, character arc advancement, and relatability.

Debut author Naomi Craig - Sharon took my rough manuscript- unseen (and probably deserving to remain so) by outside eyes - and poured over it with a fine-tooth comb. She showed me problems in my structure, research holes, and generally gave me direction for the next step my journey. Sharon’s help was invaluable for getting my manuscript to where it is today.

Five Stars: I received great feedback. There were issues with my first chapter, and she pointed out my strong points and weak points. Now I have a good idea what I need to work on.  – Shannan Thompson



There are three major types of editing, but as a lover of all things story-related, I offer only macro or developmental editing.

A developmental edit looks at your overall plot (are there holes? does it work? meet genre expectations?), character development (is it believable? does it happen at the right pace?), and general flow of the story.

As someone whose studied story structure and character creation in depth, you can count on deep and thorough insight about the big picture items in your story.

Developmental Editing

Along with in-line comments identifying big picture problems such as: plot holes, scene tension, characterization, voice, character arc, story arc, perspective shifts and other story-level problems, this service includes a written explanation of my findings to help the author strengthen their writing craft know-how.


Manuscripts of 70,000 words or less based on a rate of $0.012 per word, subject to a $550 minimum. (Submit form for quotes on longer projects)

Preferred genres:

Adventure, fantasy, mystery, romance (sweet or clean), women's fiction, young adult, and science fiction. Will consider literary fiction.

Testimonial for Sharon's Editing Services

Sharon is prompt, honest, and very professional. Her keen eye as a developmental editor will help your manuscript shine. Your characters will come to life. She spots weaknesses, corrects, and offers suggestions. Once you receive your edited manuscript, she also responds to queries in a timely matter. Excellent service!
– G. P Gadbois, author

Beside being timely and efficient, I appreciated Sharon's heart to clarify my message. Her comments and questions throughout the process were so insightful, and I really felt her care for my words and message. I loved how she helped me refine my voice.

– Becky Gozalez, author



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