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I love the English language. That’s why I have a degree in English and literature. It’s also one reason I’m a published author. I’d like to help your words shine, too.

The services I offer are split into three categories: Coaching, Critique and Editing. I’ve been doing copywriting, too, and if that’s what you need, please complete the “Request a quote” form at the bottom of the page with the specifics of your project.



Mentoring other writers is my personal sweet spot. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know everything, but as a published author, I can help you face the blank page, create a writing habit, share scheduling advice, listen to and help you improve your pitch, and talk you through the process of shopping a manuscript to traditional or small presses.

In fact, I’ll tailor the coaching calls to meet your where you’re at right now and help you reach the next level in your career.


One Hour Calls: $75 per hour.
Package of FOUR weekly calls: $275
Package of TWO calls and a first chapter or synopsis critique: $175

Also available: Three levels of coaching and weekly mentorship

Testimonials about Sharon's Coaching

Sharon is a talented and masterful author/coach who brings a unique blend of wisdom and practicality to her coaching. When I started working with her, I was overwhelmed at the huge task of writing my first novel, but Sharon’s desire to help new writers was evident in our first conversation. She helped me to break down the myriad ideas of how to write a book into simple steps and encouraged fun in my writing again. Her belief in me helped me push aside the lingering discouragement and gave me the push I needed to move my story forward. Sharon is exactly what I need to finish my book.
-Vickie Bakken

Sharon is knowledgeable and passionate about writing! Her enthusiasm, flexibility, and fresh perspective are key to her mentoring strategy and style. In sharing critiques of each other’s work, I have found her to be thoughtful, constructive, and very helpful in the feedback provided.
– Linda McMann



If you pitch your project to an agent, they’ll ask for between twenty and one hundred pages. You need that first chapter to sing and hook them hard. That’s why I recommend a first chapter critique for all beginning writers.

My critique includes in-line commentary using Track Changes on Word, plus a two page summary that explains the strengths and weaknesses of the writing and gives suggestions for improvements (along with resources as applicable).


First Chapter Critique (up to 5,000 words) - $40
Manuscript Critique at $25 per hour
Add a 30-minute Zoom call to any critique for $25

Testimonials on Sharon's Critique Services

From USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer M. Eaton - Sharon has an eagle eye for character development and romance. I appreciate how she can see through the explosions and action in a story, and dig deep into characters’ reactions, dissecting them for stability, character arc advancement, and relatability.

Debut author Naomi Craig - Sharon took my rough manuscript- unseen (and probably deserving to remain so) by outside eyes - and poured over it with a fine-tooth comb. She showed me problems in my structure, research holes, and generally gave me direction for the next step my journey. Sharon’s help was invaluable for getting my manuscript to where it is today.

Five Stars: I received great feedback. There were issues with my first chapter, and she pointed out my strong points and weak points. Now I have a good idea what I need to work on.  – Shannan Thompson



There are three major types of editing. Which service is right for you?

Traditional publishing contracts include each of these services in the order listed. For the most polished product, a manuscript should go through all three types of editing. If you book all three with me, I will proofread the project for half-price.

Developmental Editing

Also called macro editing. Identifies big picture problems such as: plot holes, scene tension, characterization, voice, character arc, story arc, perspective shifts and other story-level problems.


$550 for manuscripts of 70,000 words or less. (Submit form for quotes on longer projects)

Line Editing

Also called copyediting. Corrects grammar, misuse of words and strengthens sentence clarity.


$350 for manuscripts up to 50,000 words. (Use form for a quote on longer projects)


Corrects typographical errors, grammar, misspellings, punctuation and conventions necessary for clear understanding.


Cost: $.004 per word ($200 for 50,000 words)

Testimonial for Sharon's Proofreading Services

On top of always providing excellent service, Sharon is also a great teacher. Reading through her comments and notes on our newsletter draft has definitely helped me become a better writer.
– Five Stars from C. Quintos, Agile USA

She's amazing! I needed someone to edit a flyer for a home buying seminar. Her editing was superb and and everything was timely and communicative. I would definitely use her services again. Top notch!
– Five Stars from Carhecka


If you’re ready to work with me, complete this form.

Trust all your editing needs to a professional. Your readers will thank you!

After more than a year on Fiverr, I’m tired of giving them twenty percent of my earnings. Plus, I can save my customers that additional service fee. It’s going to be better for everyone to book my services independently.