Debilitating mindset stifles your writing superpower

Writing is a solitary profession. A healthy mindset around your writing supports creativity, productivity, and persistence that encourages us to show up at the page.

It's common for creative types to overthink and get trapped by negative thought spirals. If you're reading this because the Krytonite quiz said mindset was your downfall, you probably know those pitfalls better than anyone.

The truth: You can overcome these limitations by changing the way you think.


Limiting Beliefs

Our mind happily accepts every thought as truth. If you think you're a horrible writer, that's what your brain accepts. Thankfully, we can reprogram these limiting beliefs by creating affirmations.


Negative inputs

We expect the people in our life to be supportive of our dream to write a book. But some of them aren't. The more we value their opinion, the greater they can debilitate us if their input isn't positive.


Write it out

Often, we don't know what's inside our mind. This is why journaling can be such a powerful exercise. Start writing "I believe" and "I want" statements until the source of your crippling thoughts is revealed. Once you know where the kryptonite hides, you can actively extricate it.


You can retrain your brain

Sometimes it's hard to do alone. Negative patterns become so ingrained that they're unidentifiable. Until someone takes time to talk through them with you. If journaling and affirmations don't take hold, reach out to a trusted friend or a trained professional.

Staying positive on the hard days is nearly impossible for a solitary writer.

Join a community of other serious writers whose only goal is to encourage each other to the finish line.

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