Accountability: Your Kryptonite

Your writing matters. But sometimes more "urgent" issues come up (think sick kids, broken car, or other "emergency") and writing time gets shut out.

Time to ask the hard question: Do you want to finish your book?

Of course you do!  And you can. Keep reading to discover four tips you can use RIGHT NOW. These are guaranteed to up your accountability quotient and kick that superpower-sucking kryptonite to the curb.

2021 Week

Schedule an appointment for writing

This is serious. You wouldn't skip an appointment with your doctor or dentist. Your writing time is equally important. Grab your calendar or planner and schedule your next writing session. Then SHOW UP on time and ready to write.

Set mini-goals

Baby steps will get you there. Think of what you want to accomplish with your writing, i.e. finish your first draft. Break that into tiny bites. What can you do THIS WEEK to get you a step closer to attaining that goal?


Review progress often

Reflecting on the past week before setting goals for the next week is a great way to see how far you've come and if the expectations are reasonable and achievable. If weekly review feels overwhelming, settle for monthly check-ins instead.

Buddy up for success

You want to be a writer. It's easier to show up for something hard if you know someone's expecting you. Accountability partnerships improve the possibility of success exponentially. Don't know someone who will partner with you toward your writing dream? That's where a coach can help.

But why commit to a full session if you're not sure we're compatible? That's why I offer a 15 minute discovery session FREE. We can talk about your struggle and you'll walk away with at least one new strategy to try.

Superhero kid against blue sky background. Girl power concept

If this feels like too big of a step...

It is. And it requires a financial and time commitment.

Not ready to take the leap?

You can find support in a community of like-minded writers in Write Your Book Nook.

Don't let loose of the dream. Let me encourage you.

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