Questions Please!

My business coach has me writing down all the struggles I’ve faced as a writer. Believe me, there are plenty. But what I really need to know is what questions do other writers have? What struggles have they faced?

The likelihood that I’ve faced down the same struggles is high. After all, I’ve been writing for nearly three decades and I’ve been published for seven years. In that time, I’ve struggled with a ton of issues.

Here’s a sample of the list I made for my coach (and what a fun project it was):

  • Finding a writing group
  • Finishing a manuscript
  • Fixing (self-editing) a manuscript
  • Polishing a manuscript
  • Finding a critique partner
  • Hiring an editor
  • Getting published
  • Self-publishing a book and a series
  • Pitching at a conference

Not only did I have to list the struggles, I had to recount how I tried to solve them. Man, for some of these things it meant too many months of wandering around like a blindfolded party guest seeking the donkey on the wall. Except the only one who got poked with a sharp object was me.

Then I had to list how I could help the people I’m seeking to coach overcome that problem. Therein lies the message I need to get out to other writers who are a bit stuck.

Today, I’m asking you to comment with struggles you’ve had. Feel free to agree with what I’ve listed, but I’m truly hoping for inspiration. I know my list isn’t complete, and I’m not the type of person who can let something be half-finished.

Also, if you’re a struggling writer, I invite you to share your questions in my coaching group. I’m steadily keeping my promise to fill it with one hundred percent free content.

What struggle are you facing with your writing?

What do you think? Add to the discussion here.