Meet the Authors: Heart of Valor Blog Tour Continues

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome my fellow Roane authors onto the blog.

They’ve agreed to answer ONE question for this stop on the tour. Hopefully, it will whet your appetite for the romantic stories of military heroes in Hearts of Valor.

If someone has a heart of valor, what does that mean? Is it more than courage? More than being a hero?
Feel free to say why the hero of your story matches your ideal of valor.

London Saint James:

Courage? Yes. Bravery? Yes. Sacrifice? Yes. Brawn? Yes. Brains? Yes. Strength of will? Yes.
Dependability? Yes. A man or woman of their word? Yes. Honor? Absolutely.

T.E. Hodden:

Being a hero is not about being brave, or laying waste to the enemy. Being a hero is about doing
what is right, what must be done, despite being terrified. It is much more about mercy, and
consequences, than it is about being Rambo. Rambo is a great character to watch on a film for a
few hours, but he is an icon, a fiction, not a hero. Not in the way that can be found on any side of
any conflict, amongst the ranks, amongst the stretcher carriers, firemen, medics, and the
refugees. War stretches far beyond those who happen to fight it.

S.L. Hughson (yes, this is me):

Part of the dictionary definition (yes, I’m THAT person) specifies that valor involves
determination. To me, this means premeditated bravery, a strength of character that won’t allow
the man (or woman) of valor to back down from what they believe to be the correct and
honorable course of action. I don’t want to spoil “Hero of her Heart,” but both Nicole and Vince
exhibit valor in different ways.

Jean Young:

Valor is courage, it is bravery, it is heroism, but it is more. Heart of valor is a courageous man
with kindness and spirit. He is “a manly man”, as in my story. He would do what most men
wouldn’t do—he would be kind and do good deed, even in the face of evil, even when he had to
endure unimaginable pain. “Good for good is natural; any man can do it. Good for evil is manly;
only a noble man can do.”

Philip Lisagor:

I think of valor as a deep, core trait, of not being scarred in the face of danger—and courage as
more of the demonstration of valor through actions. The character in “Goin Home” confronts the
vagaries of his ennui about going home resulting from his deployment by taking a long hike with
a surreal experience which sends him back home.

Terri Rochenski:

Valor, to me, is bravery—even outside of battle. In my story, Walter goes off to war, but his wife
is the one with the heart of valor in the end.

What about you, dear readers? What’s your ideal of valor?

Feel free to direct comments to any one of the authors who appear here.

Now for the information about the book:

Hearts of Valor: An Anthology of Sweet Romances

HeartsofValor_eBook_CVRThe PromiseLondon Saint James

Veronica Weis married the handsome Lieutenant Carter Weis only to be widowed six months after the happy nuptials. Captain Quinn Alstrom of the U.S. Coast Guard eagerly begins his newest post in Key West. Will Quinn’s surprise arrival in Veronica’s life re-spark the fire in the vivacious woman he remembered? Or, will the memory of her fallen husband stop the two of them from finding happiness?   

A Manly Man Jean Young

Confederate POW, Braxton Bolton, had an unexpected visitor the day before his execution: Arabella Anderson walked into his jail cell and kissed him. Two years prior, she had been the Lieutenant Colonel’s prisoner and he protected her, now the grateful young woman had come to repay his kindness.

Hero of Her Heart S.L. Hughson

Nicole Taylor has loved Vincent for years. Now he’s back from serving in the Army, and she’s determined to make him see her as something other than a little sister. After a heated Valentine’s date, Nicole is confused by Vince’s withdrawal. He drifts further from her happily-ever-after plans. What will it take for him to see he is truly the hero of her heart?

Feathers T.E.Hodden

Kerry only wanted to do right by Christopher. To protect him from the whispers of ‘coward’ and the shame of a white feather. But the war doesn’t look like a grand adventure any more. All Kerry wants is Chris home safe. But will he still be the same man she once knew?

Goin’ HomePhilip Lisagor

How will Jack be able to put Iraq behind him and return home to Leah and their two children? The green peaceful coast of Ireland is the perfect landing zone from the brown violent landscape of Mesopotamia. Jack is humping ruck along the North Atlantic coast when a chance encounter with an Irish maiden turns him all around and he hears the voice of Leah in a magical moment calling him home.

Promises Kept  – Terri Rochenski

Ever since they were kids, Joan dreamed of being Walt Herley’s wife. But, Joan’s dream is short-lived when the Korean War draft has Walt trading his groom’s suit for army fatigues. With her heart a world away, Joan struggles to keep her spirit afloat while praying for the war’s expedient end.  Fate, however, has a plan of its own, one that threatens Joan’s faith in Walt’s promise to return.

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  1. I’m super happy to be a part of this anthology, and loved each and every story from my fellow authors. Thanks, S.L. for not only writing a fantastic story, but for hosting us!

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