Lolly’s Newest Joy

I love being a Lolly. So much so that I’ve put a friend of mine to work making all sorts of cute “grandma” stuff.

Things like this sign:

And these shirts (Pop and I both have them):

And the best thing about being a Lolly is I only get to be MORE of one. Well, maybe not. But I do get MORE grand-babies to love.
Let me introduce you to my latest joy: Michael Jeffrey Hughson.

He arrived very early on March 11. On the 10th, my husband called our oldest son to make sure he had someone to watch their dogs because the doctor had planned to induce the next day.

“He sounded strange,” my husband told me.

Because they were already at the hospital. But they didn’t want a bunch of people there “waiting” with them, so their plan was to pass along the happy tidings once Michael arrived.

I heard the specific ringtone at 4:30 that morning. My phone doesn’t come to bed with me. I leave it plugged into the charger on the kitchen counter, but that’s only about fifteen feet from my side of the bed.

When I heard my oldest son’s specific chime that morning, I smiled. “Michael’s here.”

And he was!

He’s so adorable. His dad had a head of dark hair, too, but you can certainly see his mom in him. As always, no matter who he “resembles” in looks, Michael will be his own person.

My son, Michael, and the happy mom!

We visited him when he was about twelve hours old. While we were there, the nurse took his blood and he wasn’t too happy about it, but I soothed the pain away.

That’s what Lolly’s do.

Until the pandemic-inspired lock-down, I had been spending a day each week watching my granddaughter, too. She’s getting big (eleven months in these pictures) and will be walking soon. Her big first birthday party might have to be pushed back a few weeks, but we’ll still celebrate her.

My first little love! Makes me smile every time

The thing I miss the most about being required to stay home during this time is holding my grandkids. My husband and I Skyped them and got some winning smiles from Shana, but it’s not the same.

My precious Michael might be a month old before I can hold him again.

I’m thankful for technology. I can’t imagine how my heart would ache if I couldn’t at least SEE these precious ones. And my kids, too.

What is giving YOU joy during this strange and fretful time?

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