Hey Writers! I Want to Help You Succeed

They say about 81 percent of people want to write a book. If you’re one of those people, I want to help you.

But first, you’ve got to decide you’re serious about being a writer.

Year ago, my Social Media Jedi Master Kristen Lamb convinced me to stop calling myself an “aspiring writer.” You can be an “aspiring novelist” if you’ve never written a novel, but if you write, you are a writer.

Drop the aspiring tag. As long as you’re “aspiring” you’re not doing it.

The other thing I’ve learned in the six years since I got my first publishing contract is that professional authors write. They don’t talk about writing. They don’t dream about writing. They sit their behinds in a chair, put their fingers to the keyboard and write the words.

If you are someone who has written a manuscript, I can help you get it in shape for the next step in publishing. Check out my critique services.

If you’ve started a manuscript, but you haven’t finished it (isn’t that what the month of November is all about – finishing a novel?)then I can help you identify the reasons you can’t finish and guide you to find your personal writing process so you WILL finish it.

That’s part of what I can do as a writing coach. Check out more about that on my site.

I’ve been that writer that wondered if my writing was “ready” to submit. Don’t wonder that another day. Let me read your writing and give you honest feedback. For many writers, this is what they want more than anything else.

Big business gurus say you should find a mentor who is three to six years further along the path than you. Someone who is where you want to be. They remember the struggles and know what they did to get past them.

That’s me. Even as I’m treading the path to traditional publishing in a new genre (yes, another one!), I am looking for other writers who are just starting up the ladder and want a partnership with a published author.

This is me hanging out my “Writing Coach” shingle in front of the whole world. Now is your opportunity to get onto my coaching calendar for rates that are half that of other writing coaches. My coaching coach tells me not to undersell myself with these rates for long.

But you know what? I care more about helping other writers reach their dream than I do about making a huge salary every year.

If you know a struggling writer, do them a favor and share this post with them. If you ARE a struggling writer, let’s talk. Click here to schedule your FREE consultation with me.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to take such a big step, you can take a small one. Join the newsletter list I’ve created for writers. I reward you instantly with three checklists for writers, and then I send short notes with tips about writing no more than once per week.

Yes, I’m writing again, but I’ve also discovered I want to help other writers. In fact, it makes me happy to see other writers have “ah-ha” moments and celebrate breakthroughs in their writing goals.

I hope I see you soon. Until then, I’ve got a novel to finish because it’s National Novel Writing Month.

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