Happy Birthday to the World’s Greatest Husband and Father

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Jeff, happy birthday to you.

Isn't he the cutest clown you've ever seen?
Isn’t he the cutest clown you’ve ever seen?

Today is my husband’s birthday. He is the perfect square of perfection today. For those of you who have no idea what I just said, he turns seven-squared today.

I tried to plan a getaway trip for us. Of course, no vacancies could be found in any of the resorts we can visit free of charge (except our annual maintenance fees and the thousands we paid years go to buy in – but you know what I mean).

What is the point of “owning” a timeshare if you can’t enjoy it whenever you have a special occasion? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Beginning in January, I asked him every few weeks what he wanted for his combined birthday-Father’s Day gift. The reason it is generally one item for both days?

  • They are within a week of each other
  • He never wants anything I can afford to buy
  • His wants exceed the spending limit for a single occasion

The day after Father’s Day, he opens up his Muscle Car catalogue and points out something he wants. A hood strut kit. Yep, I just had to check the magazine to see what it was called. If you know what it is and what it does, more power to you.

“It probably won’t get here in time,” he says. Not that it matters to him. He’s the most easy-going person about nearly everything (I do have a kids throwing gravel at his truck story that defies this).

Additionally, he doesn’t feel the need to get gifts on his birthday, Christmas or any other time. If he wants something, he just goes out and buys it. He’s inherited this trait honestly – his mother is the same way.

I asked what he wanted for dinner. Of course, he’s on a restricted eating plan. He said hamburger pie but that doesn’t really meet the requirements. Whatever. There are no calories on your birthday, right?

Usually he wants a lemon meringue pie for his “birthday cake.” Ugh. Is there a way to make him a single piece of pie? I could probably find a recipe for a mini-pie.

How can I celebrate this special man? I don’t have enough money to shower him with things he deserves. I’m not famous enough to garner his birthday announcement viral digital attention.

Suggestions? What would you do to make someone awesome feel special?

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the World’s Greatest Husband and Father”

  1. I made one of my daughters an e-book once and included pictures from her childhood.. I made my other daughter a scrapbook of her childhood. Kids did a coupon book for dad once for car washes, lawn mowing, etc. I took hubs one year to the beach (we only live a few minutes away) and ate an appetizer and a beer at his fave restaurant and watched the sunset. Try to think of something he likes and make something for him using your talents as a writer or what other skills you have. Good luck. My hubby is the same way.

    1. My employed sons and I all went together and bought him the GoPro camera he wanted ($400). I have done coupons and other stuff like that in the past. He is really appreciative of anything, but it’s nice to get someone what they really want.

  2. Connie Kramberg

    Spend the day with them doing their favorite things, capture some memories with photos. Time together is the best way to celebrate!

    1. That’s the plan. Heading to Lincoln City after my appointment for dinner, comedy show and staying over at a hotel. Outlets tomorrow before we come home. Hopefully the rain will break for awhile so we can walk on the beach.

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