Epic Grace by Kurt Bubna

Ten years ago, I would have been excited to pick up this book by Bubna and read a chapter before bed. Hearing about a believer’s walk inspired me in my own.

I haven’t read much in the way of anything other than textbooks, literature, fantasy and writing craft books in those intervening years. Who has time for inspiring the soul? I’ve got to finish my degree and figure out how to write better so I can publish a book.

What a miserable soulless person I had become.

Epic Grace by Kurt Bubna cured me. It is a short 21 chapters of firsthand experience interspersed with Biblical truths.

Bubna might be a preacher, but his writing wasn’t preachy in the least. He made me laugh out loud. Some of his stories brought tears to my eyes. I found myself nodding in agreement at his lowest moments of stupidity. Yes, I’ve been there and done that. T-shirt? No thank you.

Almost all of his illustrations were relatable. One of the illustrations about marriage counseling was so excellent that my husband adopted it for a presentation at our church’s couples’ retreat. Amazing stuff.

The three weeks it took me to read this chapter by chapter weren’t easy ones for me. My mother came home to die. She passed while I stood beside her. If I ever needed God’s epic grace, it was now.

My soul found refreshment in the personal sharing in Bubna’s book. I read a chapter before I went to sleep each night. Reflecting on his words helped me find sleep and wake up ready to walk with the Lord the next day.

I recommend this book to anyone who wonders why God loves them. If you aren’t even sure what God’s grace is, this book will show you in full color. Perhaps your walk with the Lord feels stale, pick up this book and read a chapter each day.

Bubna has an authentic voice and he’s not afraid to show his humanity in all its glory. (Or would that would be glaring idiocy?) In fact, the complete title of the book explains it all: Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot.

Do you read before bed? Is there a book that you would recommend as an evening devotional? Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction before falling asleep?

3 thoughts on “Epic Grace by Kurt Bubna”

  1. I usually prefer reading fiction – all the time. However, I get very much into a story and often find sleep elusive because I am so lost in the world I am reading about. So, I don’t actually read much anymore – I tend to listen to audio books while I work instead. I think I just might have to pick up this book, though. Thank you for the recommendation!

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