Cover Reveal for the Upcoming Book Release

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Recently, I talked about finding and working with a cover artist for your independently published novel. Didn’t my cover artist nail my story and genre?

Oh, you don’t know, because you haven’t heard about Reflections from a Pondering Heart? Let me remedy that.


One girl chosen to fulfill ancient prophecy faces death and family turmoil on the way to the greatest heartache a mother can face – followed by transcendent hope.


In the beginning, I herded goats on father’s farm when Jehovah’s messenger visited me. He claimed “Blessed art thou among women.”

Blessed? The speculation about my untimely pregnancy turned to shunning and isolation. Caesar’s decree forced a grueling trip to Bethlehem during my final weeks of pregnancy.  And then, under cover of darkness, I fled Herod’s murderous wrath. Is it any wonder I questioned the angel’s claim?

Yahweh blessed me with a quiver full of children. But love brings sorrow. Torn between two sons, my heart bled. Like old Simeon said, a sword pierced my soul – again and again. And the killing blow was yet to come…

If you need a cover artist (or a photographer or graphic designer), check out the work from my masterful art guy, Beau Hudspeth. This is his business site and here you can check out his photography.

I’ll try not to inundate this blog space with too much about this book. I don’t know enough about using my platform to launch my independent title into the Amazon top ten, but I’m learning.

I do know that I wouldn’t want to read post after post about the same subject *clears throat* (moving, for example), so I’m not going to subject my faithful followers to torture of that nature.

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What do you think of the cover? What does it tell you about the story on the pages inside it?

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