The Book, the Key or the Goblet

Dewy cedar mingles with brisk pine as I inhale deeply the fragrant woods.  A familiar path stretches before me, yet the mist that hovers near the ground lends a mysterious, unknown quality to the hard-packed dirt track under my feet.  Light from the rising sun filters through the treetops, a slight breeze sends the branches overhead into …

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What Makes a Pulitzer Prize Winner?

Established by Joseph Pulitzer, prize-winning journalist, this award has become a coveted prize among many novelists. I dreamed I would be the winner after I wrote my first book in fourth grade. Did I mention I’m unpublished? According to the Huffington Post (link below), “The Pulitzer Prizes are awarded for achievements in journalism, literature and …

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Merciless Middle Ground

After spending nearly 33,000 words to begin a tale that in my mind spans a trilogy of epic adventures, I’m finding motivation to continue investing time and talent elusive. From successful writers (unlike me), I’m learning that this malady commonly strikes writers when they reach the middle of a story. It’s frustrating to me because …

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Why I Write

Words A mighty deluge swelling Untold tales beg telling Phrases unwritten compelling Imagination dispelling Exuberant phrases propelling A pencil to engage in spelling Verbiage continually welling Until spilled on the page.   Stories Expand in the soul Burning a yearning hole Fiery phrases, a mole, Burrowing to a creative goal Amplified brilliance, a coal Igniting, …

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