My 40-Day Challenge

Am I the only one to notice this trend of challenges? Whether it’s a 21-day no sugar challenge or a 30-day clean eating challenge or my own 30 days focusing on gratitude challenge, it seems like challenges are everywhere. I recently finished a 40-day challenge. I purposely left what type of challenge it was out …

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Take the Stairs! Laurel and Hardy’s Latest Adventure

April has come and gone. Which means so has another girls’ weekend with my high school BFF, Laurel. This year we tackled the “Take the Stairs” adage. Not sure what I’m talking about? Oh sure, you’ve heard the saying, but you’re still wondering what it means for weekend plans. Obviously, you need to get this …

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Lolly Loves Lolli and Pops

“We’re going to LollyPop’s house.” Those words are the reasoning behind the selection of the grandparent names around here. Wouldn’t you know it? Now there’s a “sweet shop” called Lolli and Pops. By sweet shop, I mean a candy story. But doesn’t the OTHER sound SO much fancier. Kind of like going to LollyPop’s sounds …

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My New Gig and a What the Heck? Moment

I have a new gig. The funniest part: that’s the ACTUAL name of it. If you’re looking for someone to write your evil synopsis or proofread your story before you submit it, check me out on Fiverr. I have affordable rates. Really. If you have a 100,000-word novel, I would proofread it for $550. That’s …

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An Author’s Writing Resolutions

Another new year is here, and millions of people have made resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, save money or eat more healthily. Statistics say that by mid-February, a large percentage of those resolutions will already be broken. As an author, what sort of resolutions should I make for the new year? Goals, Not …

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Under Construction: Crossing Genre Boundaries

This year is a construction zone in the world of Sharon Hughson the author. You know, the multi-genre author who had FIFTEEN titles in various genres published until October 1, 2018. What genres? There was sweet romance, fantasy romance, young adult fantasy, historical fiction, Bible studies and a devotional as well as Christian romance. Oh, …

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