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Manmade or Natural?

Brick and mortar stands alongside glass and iron in downtown Boston, MA. Bridges and tunnels connect the God-made land to the manmade portion upon which 70 percent of Boston proper sits. Even among all this manmade fanfare, however, the brilliant portions that stand out are those made by the Creator. Boston Commons, the oldest national …

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What is Wisdom?

“Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences” – Norman Cousins Four months away from having a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature conferred upon me by a reputable institution of higher learning, I ponder the definition of wisdom. Many of the quotations I found while searching for something that partnered well with my …

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Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

With Valentines floating in the stores and hearts abounding, it seemed an apropos time to touch on the essential Christian topic of love. Jesus loves everyone in the world and he has left us this ministry of love. In fact, if anyone will be born into Christ’s Kingdom, they must see this love. Since Jesus …

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