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This Week in Gratitude Memes

Maybe you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter. That’s perfectly okay. But I don’t want you to miss out on my effort to come up with 365 ways to be grateful this year. In case you’re wondering what this is all about, check out this post. Feeling a little out of sorts? Think life …

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Merry Christmas

Some people love Christmas “the whole Christmas season, Please don’t ask ME why, I don’t know the reason”* Others might say “bah-humbug” or plot against “every Who down in Whoville” during December. December 24th is generally my favorite day of the month. It brings my family to my home. We sing carols around the piano …

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Spider (Vein) Extermination: results are in!

I made a promise to my readers. I guess I need to deliver on it. But it has to do with spider…veins. The idea of spiders in my veins fills me with shivers of icy dread. No, anything but spiders. So creepy and crawly and hairy and AH! But spider veins aren’t crawly or hairy …

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Giving Thanks for What I Love about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think I say that on this blog every year. But it’s true. And time has not changed this fact. Why do I love thanksgiving so much? Let me see if I can show you with a few pictures.   The best part of Thanksgiving is gathering with my family. …

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Shots of Summer

Sadly, September arrives with discolored leaves and shorter days. My sun-loving self clings to those brief days of Indian Summer (which probably isn’t PC terminology) and mourns the thought of morning runs in the dark. In the hopes of holding on to my beloved summer a little longer, here are some photographic recollections:     …

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