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In Honor of My Trip to the Beach

My sister lives at the beach. It gives me the perfect excuse to make the two-hour drive. Breathing salty air, walking sandy shores and listening to soothing surf is only a side benefit. Really. My sister is my number one fan, so I’m taking the trip to see her. I’m a nice person, though. So …

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A Year of Gratitude

In 2016, I focused on building an attitude of gratitude. And I really wanted to do it every single day. So I created my own hashtag on Twitter and started bombarding my social media followers with a new meme every day. Remember? #365DaysofGratitude You probably already saw them all, but I thought I’d share the …

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Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Twenty-three years ago yesterday at a few moments after midnight, my he-will-forever-be-my-baby son entered this world. Yesterday, we celebrated that occasion. It was a huge family dinner. My four, their wives and the family of my baby’s wife. My baby has a wife? I know. Wasn’t it just yesterday he arrived in the world? Right. …

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Still feeling grateful in August

So did you guys miss it when I didn’t post my week of gratitude memes last Saturday? Sometimes, I feel like these posts go out into a void. No comments. No likes. Okay, that sounded like whining. Which is totally the opposite of gratitude. On to this week’s memes! Monday Yep. Guacamole is a healthy …

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A Cherished Journal

Life is never appreciated quite so much as when Death comes calling. The same is true of this journal chosen for the 2016 Cherished Blogfest. As a writer, I have stacks of journals. Finely bound books with gorgeous illustrations… Spiral notebooks covered in scrawling ink and lead… And then there’s the Cherished Journal. After I …

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Who knew there was so MUCH to be thankful for?

July buzzes along. Maybe things are heating up weather-wise where you live. In my neck of the world, I like a little sunshine with my summer. Blue skies dazzle my personality. In short, sunny days make me smile. Here’s what I had to be thankful for this week: Monday Thinking of a hidden lake in …

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