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Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Twenty-three years ago yesterday at a few moments after midnight, my he-will-forever-be-my-baby son entered this world. Yesterday, we celebrated that occasion. It was a huge family dinner. My four, their wives and the family of my baby’s wife. My baby has a wife? I know. Wasn’t it just yesterday he arrived in the world? Right. …

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Still feeling grateful in August

So did you guys miss it when I didn’t post my week of gratitude memes last Saturday? Sometimes, I feel like these posts go out into a void. No comments. No likes. Okay, that sounded like whining. Which is totally the opposite of gratitude. On to this week’s memes! Monday Yep. Guacamole is a healthy …

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A Cherished Journal

Life is never appreciated quite so much as when Death comes calling. The same is true of this journal chosen for the 2016 Cherished Blogfest. As a writer, I have stacks of journals. Finely bound books with gorgeous illustrations… Spiral notebooks covered in scrawling ink and lead… And then there’s the Cherished Journal. After I …

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Who knew there was so MUCH to be thankful for?

July buzzes along. Maybe things are heating up weather-wise where you live. In my neck of the world, I like a little sunshine with my summer. Blue skies dazzle my personality. In short, sunny days make me smile. Here’s what I had to be thankful for this week: Monday Thinking of a hidden lake in …

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It’s a short work week – and other reasons to be grateful

Another Friday. Another week of life slid past. Where did it go? Maybe the week seemed short because there were only four work days. Or we could be getting old. Nah! Short work week all the way. Here’s this week’s gratitude memes in review (only five since it IS a short week and all): Monday …

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Seven Days of Smiles

Smile! It’s Friday. Your face can do this. I promise. Some weeks are rougher than others. No matter what, Friday always looks better when we can regurgitate the good parts. Still sounds gross? Sorry. Here are the memes. I included last weekend because, hey, I didn’t want you to miss out on more reasons to …

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