Who Likes Sending out Submissions?

In September, I purchased the Writer’s Market Guide to Agents, and I dutifully spent several afternoons scanning the listings to highlight possible “matches.” Yes, I think you can get it online and probably have the listings sorted for genre, but sometimes, a girl needs to do the work. I’m old school. I like holding a …

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Confessions of an Exercise-a-holic

Hello. My name is Sharon. I’m an addict. Yes, I freely admit it, I’m addicted to exercise. What? You don’t think that’s a REAL addiction? And why is that? Because exercise is supposed to be good for you and that means you can’t be addicted to it? Vegetables are good for you, and there are …

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An Author’s Thoughts on Two Authors

Asking an author who their favorite author is might get you all sorts of interesting responses. They might say something like: “Me. Duh!” For me, it’s a loaded question. It might not be tantamount to climbing Mt. Everest or naming my favorite book, but it would be a pretty close third. (I’ll let YOU decide …

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Everyone Struggles but Gratitude Can Help

This year, more than others in recent memory, has been plagued with struggles of unique and troublesome sorts for our nation and community. In the midst of this, giving up might seem expedient but I suggest giving thanks instead. It’s been awhile since my year of gratitude (that was 2016), but those #366DaysofGratitude taught me …

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