Love’s Returning Hope

Book Cover: Love's Returning Hope
Part of the Texas Homecoming series:

Will they realize their lives are better together before it’s too late? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Jazlyn Rolle finds purpose after military service as a paralegal. When her family needs her, she leaves her career and her boyfriend in Austin to care for her bedridden mother in Sweet Grove, Texas. The more time she spends away from her office, the more she questions her life’s purpose–and daily interaction with her father only serves to strain their rocky relationship further.

Bailey Travers followed his girlfriend Jaz from his hometown to the big city. Her return to Sweet Grove leaves him open to nagging insecurities about their future, but when he arrives early for a weekend on his family’s ranch, he finds Jaz in the arms of another man. Can they overcome their trust issues and doubts to follow God’s plan for their lives?

What readers think:

"I am super happy with this book. After reading the first book I had so many questions about Jaz's relationship with her dad. This book put all my questions to rest! I realized that part of their (Jaz & Bailey's) struggles with their faith was due to the relationships they had with their fathers. They both had issues stemming from those father-child relationships. They both question God from a father point of view. They reflected the human relationship into the God relationship. Thinking God would be like their own dad. Not realizing that the love God holds for us is so much bigger and agape than any that can come from another person - even a parent. This book tied so many loose ends up for me. Now I can't wait for the next book! I can't wait to see where Jaz and Bailey go from here." - E. Eblin, 5-Star Amazon Review

"The characters in this story are dealing with a lot of issues like loss, insecurities, doubt. It is interesting reading about how they deal with these issues and the help they get by talking to friends and family and depending on their faith for guidance." - Sherry Johanson, 4-Star Amazon Review


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