Love’s Little Secrets

Book Cover: Love's Little Secrets
Part of the Sweet Grove Romance series:

Can her forgiveness save their marriage when his secret threatens to destroy it? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Norma Wells has a good life in Sweet Grove, Texas. Unable to have children of her own, her job as a school secretary helps fill the void. Then her husband’s biggest secret comes to light–at their anniversary party, no less. As his secrets continue piling up, their marriage threatens to unravel.

Herman Wells works hard to provide his wife with everything she wants. Eager to bury a secret he knows would destroy their relationship, he maintains the façade of “happy wife, happy life” until the truth comes out. Does Norma’s big heart have enough love to forgive Herman and bridge the chasm dividing them?

If you enjoy reading tales of faith, redemption, and forgiveness, then you’ll enjoy Norma and Herman’s second chance at a happily-ever-after.

What do readers think?

"A wonderfully sweet book that brought me to tears. They are so delightful to read, that I immediately have to go find the next to enjoy! Thanks Sharon! The message is important about forgiving and love." - Tina Meyers, 5-Star Amazon Review

"A story of redemption & a second chance. Betrayals, secrets & unfaithfulness culminated into one bad month. The story is an example of how happiness grew from tremendous hurt & sorrow." - Alaska Reader, 5-Star Amazon Review

***Warning! This story is not for everyone. If the idea of reconciling with a cheater is abhorrent to you, give this one a pass. There are one-star reviews that say as much.


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